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  1. Blood Donor

    NCE Alternative Rules Musings

    I had been throwing some ideas on some homebrew NCE modifications for quite a while and this evening's insistence on getting part of it written down ended up with a full write up on a house rule version of the turn sequence. Feel free to share thoughts :) START OF TURN Initial Move: Firstly...
  2. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Necromunda: Underhive With All Fixes [Deleted]

    Blood Donor submitted a new resource: Necromunda: Underhive With All Fixes - Taking the Newly Released FAQ and Integrating Fixes Into the Rules Read more about this resource...
  3. Blood Donor

    I Felt Bad The WHQ Section Had No Threads... I took the opportunity to rick roll y'all with some reasons of why Heroquest is so great
  4. Blood Donor

    TABLE TALKS II: Underhive Boogaloo

    Things are poised to change. Less than two years ago, I was very much of the belief that Necromunda had found its rightful home among the community of players and hobbyists that seemed to hold it most dear. Shelved until further notice seems to be the more accurate declaration of its status, as...
  5. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Necromunda - Privateer

    Blood Donor submitted a new resource: Necromunda - Privateer - The Necromunda in Space Project Read more about this resource...
  6. Blood Donor

    Ongoing History of the Underhive

    A very interesting video from @Achilles. Might double post this in the Lounge as well since it is a great view for Necromunda as well as SW:A :)
  7. Blood Donor

    Cool MWG Timelapse Videos of SW:A Table Setups

    There are these cool videos that Miniwargaming has released of setting up some terrain for what would be really fun tables to game on :cool:
  8. Blood Donor

    YakTribe Thread Organization and FAQ Builder

    Hey all! :) In the middle of the summer, I had began a project to go through various sub sections of the forum and make a bullet point list of hyperlinks to each topic, where topics that shared a theme or subject were put on the same line. The major sections that I was hoping to cover using...
  9. Blood Donor

    Mordheim Batreps

    Check these battle report videos from Thomas Bond on Youtube. More fuel for the stoke for any wyrdstoners here.
  10. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Alternative Rare Trade Table

    Blood Donor submitted a new resource: Alternative Rare Trade Table - Rare Trade Table Reworked for Rarity Scale Read more about this resource...
  11. Blood Donor

    Lost Patrol

    I actually kinda feel bad about having no intent on buying this, because I feel like this game more than any other offerings so far represents GW doing it right. Good price, good miniatures, tile laying system looks like it will work well. This really looks like a fantastic direction for the...
  12. Blood Donor

    Bug Mobile Accessing YakTribe

    When I use my android phone to view the site the menu button in the top left of the toolbar brings over the orange page from the left but nothing can be viewed on it. Subsequently, when I click my avatar pic/alerts number in the top right of the toolbar, the same thing happens for the orange...
  13. Blood Donor

    ...On Addressing Fluff When Making Fan Rules

    A large part of the rules base for Necromunda, Gorkamorka, and Mordheim have been fan-made rules adopted to the central rules system to some degree or another. Even when Games Workshop was supporting Specialist Games, their were published articles in Gang War or the Town Cryer magazines for...
  14. Blood Donor

    Alternative Starting Territories Table

    As I had proposed making a separate table for finding Uncommon items on the Rare Trade Roll in the thread on Rare Trade options being more worth while, I think that having a custom setup for rolling your starting territories could be interesting. The idea is that it would make getting some of...
  15. Blood Donor

    Protecting Terrain Textured With Drywall Compound

    Hey all, a quick question to try and drum up some input. I have my table coated and textured in drywall compound, and really like the look and feel of it. Only problem is some of the thicker ridges and bumps can peel off, revealing the white chalky drywall compound underneath. My original plan...
  16. Blood Donor

    Necromunda Summary of Differences in Rulebook Editions

    This is a bit of a roll call for those that have shown a knowledge in various posts on the forums before... In YakChat @Zoring asked if there was some thread that had a semi-official summary of each rules set and the differences between them. I think it is a really good idea, heck I don't even...
  17. Blood Donor

    YakTribe Recruitment Poster

    Fellow Yaks! Through discussions with @Loriel and @Malo at the tail end of last year, I pitched the idea of drafting up a recruitment poster for the website. Given that the site has an excellent Player Map that can be accessed by any members and offers such a commanding library of resources for...
  18. Blood Donor


    First announced in White Dwarf magazine in September 1995, with the official release occurring that October, Necromunda is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. Twenty years, and the last ten occurring without any major support from Games Workshop, who created the game. Despite having an...
  19. Blood Donor

    Bug Site's Done Gone Crazy on Me

    Hey @Malo. When I log in the toolbar containing Home symbol / Gaming v / Forums v / Donate / Gallery v / Vault v / Members v / Search bar remains stationary while all else scrolls past it and my name, avatar, alerts, and conversations are not there. It made signing out the first time an...
  20. Blood Donor

    Proposed Change to Flamer Weapons

    As of now, the current ruling on Flamers is that: Hand Flamers hit targets fully covered by the template on a 4+ and those partially covered on a 4+ Flamers hit targets fully covered by the template automatically and those partially covered on a 4+ Heavy Flamers hit targets fully covered by...