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    N18 Is ammo weapons?

    I can see the problem here and the truth is I'm not sure there's any clear answer to this question. My instinct is that when purchasing from the trading post etc that it is just wargear. You can't use it without the weapon to fire it. So they should have access to the ammo as wargear upgrades...
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    N18 How to play 'Stun Rounds'?

    Hello all! Well here I go again. What is the best way to play 'stun rounds' on enforcer 'subjugator pattern grenade launchers'. The HoC lists them as "Rapid Fire (1)" for a regular grenade launcher AND assault grenade launchers (HOC, p.148). They also have a range of 18". This has not been...
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - magnacles mechanics

    Ah yes I see. Well we are playing a combined campaign so I think it will be fine for us. Thanks for pointing that out though. I will play so that I don't get Boons from Territory but I will get Boons from Rackets. Does that make sense?
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - magnacles mechanics

    Yeah this does seem a little problematic. Today I'm working on trying to create an alternative system for the difference in rating. We find after there is significant difference between gang ratings, say 500+, that the book keeping on tactics cards gets ridiculous, and often does little to...
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - magnacles mechanics

    Look under 'Police Territory' in the Dominion Campaign section, it says: 'The Enforcers gain control of the Territory, but gain no Boons from it' (P.31 BoJ) As rackets also have Boons then I would say that they don't get those either. Basically the cops just gain reputation and that's it. This...
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - magnacles mechanics

    So I'm saying to substitute this Attack (Basic) action for the free Fight (Basic) action. This means that after completing a Charge (Double) action. If this was treated as a Fight (Basic) action, which I considered, then it would be too powerful as a fighter would get several magnacles attacks...
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - magnacles mechanics

    Hello hive mind. I'm the arbitrator for my group and we're about to start our 3rd campaign. We're doing the law and misrule campaign and I'll be also playing as the Palatine Enforcers. They seem a great pick for an arbitrator. I'm made a few test lists and figured our what I want but in my last...
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    N18 Charging Mechanics

    This is a great way to think about it
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    N18 Charging Mechanics

    Interesting. It sounds like the consensus generally leans toward: Declare what you are doing (and if necessary pick a particular point your aiming for to refer to for distance) Move your charge distance by the shortest route (while avoiding obvious environmental dangers that can be avoided) End...
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    Comment by 'David Scotney' in media 'Gate Masters 2.jpeg'

    Hey there, thanks for the praise. I did recently convert these guys for a campaign. Terrain is an MDF kit that uses magnets. I used oil paints to paint them. I hadn't intended to put up individual pics but would be happy to if you're keen to see more. Anything you'd like to see particularly?
  11. Delaque 2.jpeg

    Delaque 2.jpeg

  12. Gate Masters 2.jpeg

    Gate Masters 2.jpeg

  13. My Necromunda Gangs

    My Necromunda Gangs

  14. Delaque.jpeg


    Delaque Team
  15. Gate Masters.jpeg

    Gate Masters.jpeg

    Gate Masters; a scratch built scum gang for our campaign. They control 2 toll crossings and won't give them up without a fight.
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    N18 Charging Mechanics

    Thanks for that feedback. I'm the arbitrator of my group and so there's a lot of expectation that I make fair and consistent rulings about this stuff. I'm glad to hear that the consensus is that we're doing it right. We have however been avoiding multicharges so it's good to know everyone is...
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    N18 Charging Mechanics

    Hi all, New to Necromunda but have now played a lot of games. We're still struggling to understand the charge mechanics. It says under "movement" (page 61) that models must take the shortest possible route. We're not sure if this is designed to prevent charging multiple enemies and/or prevent...
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    N18 Anyone know where I could find the Badzone Delta-7 set?

    OMG ebay is criminal but that's scarcity for you I suppose. I really want a set but I guess we're out of luck.