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  1. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    In between painting more legitimate tradesmen, I’ve also gotten my hands on some of the new Squats. And couldn’t resist painting one either. Meet Stumpy, Digger for the Seven Squats Mining Corporation:
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  4. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    Painted a couple of more Traitor Guard: the Chieftain (sergeant) and the Butcher thus time. Wanted to do even more but then spent 2 days ill and then it was too hot to paint… hopefully more next week.
  5. Strike a pose, lads!

    Strike a pose, lads!

  6. Crazy Ivan

    ORB A Growing Populace (New Minis WIP)

    Really loving both crew! Excellent models but the bold colours are lovely.
  7. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    It’s been a month! I’ve since painted a couple more Wolfspear Marines: But! I’ve also acquired the new Traitor Guardsmen. Together with the BSF traitors they make a very nice group of models. The new kit itself is great, with lots of weapons and a huge amount of excellent heads. Very good...
  8. Gorm the Sneaky

    Gorm the Sneaky

  9. Ulf Ulfsson

    Ulf Ulfsson

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  16. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Necromunda and Kill Team projects. Minis, terrain, etc.

    Inspired stuff all around. Chain harpoon guy is seriously crazy awesome!
  17. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    The recent Warhammer Fest reveals inspired me to try a new Phobos Kill Team - I’ve had a bunch of Infiltrators lying around since forever. Here’s a couple of tester models for Kill Team “the Grimstalkers” from the Wolfspear chapter. The Wolfspear are Indomitus era Space Wolf successors - I had...
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