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  1. Sethmerlin666

    N17 RW's Gaming and Painting

    Awesome! Thanks for the invite but the COVID fairy got me good.... I'll be up for a play soon!
  2. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda in Australia?

    Don't get too used to it... still don't really fire up the forums!
  3. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda in Australia?

    Hey, I am not often on the forums anymore but still a big player of Necro, I have a small group of friends who play in Adelaide. Can also highly recommend @RancidWalrus as a good bloke to play with too . I'm based inner Eastern Suburbs. Rancid is a little more northern. Reach out for games!
  4. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Seth's gangs, new things, general underhive PLOG!

    Might have inadvertedly bought the killteam in on online trade... oh well. These things happen. Did a very quick de-orkify of the main terrain with a dremel, grinding off a few horned skull things. I kept the skull on the pump as i reckon this will become the home ground for my Cawdor, and...
  5. Sethmerlin666

    Kill Team 2.0

    Had my first crack last week and thoroughly enjoyed. I think the cover system in the rulebook reads horribly, but it plays well. It's a good mechanic to prevent the typical 40k curse of alpha strike removing one team. Jumped straight in with ploys and secondaries, it's really not a lot to...
  6. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda Troll vs Clone vs Mad Hatters vs Dumpers

    Ding, dong, the troll is dead....
  7. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Seth's gangs, new things, general underhive PLOG!

    Had to have a go at converting up Delaque to work with new rules. Here's an elite heavy, low body count starting list. I've got another dozen models to make up so can field very different, but this is a fun start! Snakeskin jackets are a thing....
  8. Sethmerlin666

    N18 House of Faith

    Custom path's shouldn't be a thing. I won a game last night with cawdor but so far i haven't been super successful and games have been pretty balanced. If they can take out my leader or champs, juves panic pretty easily... And blowing myself up with faith has been awesome fun but the dice rolls...
  9. Sethmerlin666

    Competition Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society”

    Yep, mine will go up in my general PLOG in my signature. I'm on the verge of starting something!
  10. Sethmerlin666

    MaliGn tried to stick with Necromunda for a bit

    The dramatic shading on skin looks great. Grubby underhiver....
  11. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    Taking a moment to congratulate you on getting all those barrels drilled on new models. Warms my heart.
  12. Sethmerlin666

    Competition Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society”

    It's been a few years. Time to get my comp hat back on!
  13. Sethmerlin666

    Competition Yakcomp 38: "It Belongs in a Museum!”

    Best of luck to all thr MedMos fam!
  14. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda Cardyfreak's Necromunda plog

    Muchly awesome. Love
  15. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    I am both excited and trepidacious of where this will go... I've been looking at same printer
  16. Sethmerlin666

    The Cold and Dangerous North Hive

    These are great! The subtlety on the tattoos makes them all the more realistic. Great work
  17. Sethmerlin666

    NCE The Orange Tide - Finished Project

    The COVID crisis is actually Clockworks attempts at spreading the orange tide to other areas.... It mutated