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  1. Sethmerlin666

    Yakcomp 31: Hazardous times!

    Congrats to @maxwellrpower for taking out the honours last comp. Onto Yakcomp 31!!! In his own words: The underhive is a dangerous place. Hostile scum, mutants, huge rodents and insects, poisonous fungi, carnivorous flora and beasts straight out of your nightmares lurk around every corner...
  2. Sethmerlin666

    N18 Necromunda demo table at Little Wars

    Yo, There's a wargames event happening here in Adelaide (Oz) in July, I got onto the organisers and am now going to be running a demo table of Necromunda. My basic plan is to run an Ambush scenario on a fairly small table, with Escher team trying to escape and Van Saar trying to stop them...
  3. Sethmerlin666

    N18 Ambot scenario idea

    Now that pretty much everyone has Ambot models... I was thinking of ways to include them in games for low level gangs or starting gangs, just because they're cool.... Beginnings of an idea for a scenario, would be keen on input to take further to something useful. Board has a central area set...
  4. Sethmerlin666

    Suggestion Van Saar Arachni-Rig - Carapace armour

    Howdy, In the Yak tools when recruiting the Arachni-rig the suit is supposed to come with light carapace armour as default, this seems to be missing. The upgrade to heavy carapace is there, but just not the initial armour. Cheers!
  5. Sethmerlin666

    New Gorkamorka??

    Saw this pop up on a Facebook feed. A new Gorkamorka? Or a abandonware mini game?
  6. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Seth's gangs, new things, general underhive PLOG!

    I've had a few threads of bits and bobs that I've done... Thought it best I make a consolidated thread that I'll keep updating, keep it neater. When N17 first popped up I got pretty excited. Started by repainting my old Van Saar gang: They've been fun, but horrible in post-game rolls...
  7. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Malfunctioning Generatorium

    One of the few good things to come out of the GW2 book was some of the specialised terrain features and rules, felt like I should make some for 3d. Here's a Generatorium made from Hubba Bubba bubblegum tape containers, it basically makes itself...
  8. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Venator inspiration....

    Got pretty inspired last night after reading Venator rules. This is what i could immediately kitbash, based purely on the rule of cool.... I'll work out how to put them together as a useable gang later.
  9. Sethmerlin666

    N17 Child Labour + Wood = Zone Mortalis

    Today I got lumped with babysitting extra kids during the school holidays. Finding things for them to do other than just playing computer.... Why not get them to make me terrain? :P Raw material is pre-made stair bannisters and a plank.... Teaching the all important useage of the...
  10. Sethmerlin666

    Kill Teams 2018

    So along with the Van Saar announcement there is also this teaser of a new Kill Team game. Rules not based on 40k apparently, a new rule set... In the video you can clearly see a D10, so a large departure for GW there... Aiming at the roleplaying market more without re-releasing Inquisitor...
  11. Sethmerlin666

    Epic40k Orks

    Anyone keen on some Epic 40k Orks at all? I've had on Ebay in Australia. Would be keen to trade for old Necromunda or 40k stuff. basically have all the infantry from the latter release of Epic 40k, I've already moved on the Stompas etc, as I found that box a few years ago, these guys didn't...
  12. Sethmerlin666

    Necromunda Yak Comp #23 entry - CancerSlug

    Straight from the sump, a sump slug to take as a pet. I assure you it's a fine pet, can feed on anything, doesn't need special bedding, just needs occasional walks. Pretty hard to put a leash on something so slimy, so recommend just to harpoon it (it doesn't feel pain don't worry) and use that...
  13. Sethmerlin666

    Enforcer Gang ready to go!

    Just finished up this gang, started on a whim when a friend was talking about the old arbite models, had a look and browse to find some models for him, but ended up getting inspired to build myself! Have tried out a little with the Enforcers Precinct N17 rules post up a page or so back in...