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  1. HEZZZ

    N18 3+ Player and Demo Scenarios?

    I did a multiplayer demo last week and recruited some new players! Kept it super simple. 3 basic gangers with identical equipment (all autoguns or lasguns) and 1 champion with a special weapon. Mission was just to get to the top of the containers and stay there. That's it, just move, shoot and...
  2. HEZZZ

    Hive Kowloon Uprising

    WEEK 7 STORY. Hive Kowloon has been locked down for well over a month. From the outside, it appears the government's plan to starve out the Chaos uprising is running like clockwork. Inside however, the worshippers of Chaos have revelled in the unrestricted environment; butchering, feasting upon...
  3. HEZZZ

    N18 Bookromunda (complete house rules)

    Good work, so fast! Can you PM me please? I tried to message you but it kept glitching :S
  4. HEZZZ

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

    The Rockgrinder and Ridgerunner have a little platform on the model which Necromunda has designated as a transport area. But the models weren't designed with this in mind, so good luck getting much on there! 🤦
  5. week 5 diag BIG.jpg

    week 5 diag BIG.jpg

  6. hive bug.jpg

    hive bug.jpg

    hive bug NPC
  7. HEZZZ

    Hive Kowloon Uprising

    WEEK 6 STORY. The lockdown has been in place for just a couple of weeks and things are already starting to fall apart. Last week, gangs made desperate raids on each other's supplies, grabbing what fauxfu and other processed foods they could find. Most gangers have been able to retain their...
  8. Mission resources

    Mission resources

  9. week 6 diag.jpg

    week 6 diag.jpg

    Deployment map
  10. HEZZZ

    Hive Kowloon Uprising

    WEEK 5 STORY. As hard as they tried, the gangs of Hive Kowloon were unable to repress the Helot Cults. Lord Helmawr gave the hive a chance to save itself and it failed, a full lockdown is now in force, nothing comes in or out. At first the Chaos worshippers celebrated their victory with feasts...
  11. HEZZZ

    Hive Kowloon Uprising

    We're likely to see more unbalanced match ups in the coming weeks, so I've edited the balancing rules. Please choose a list of 6 Tactic cards to make your deck. If using a list (not actual cards), randomly select using a D6. OP updated as follows: Tactics cards won't be used, unless there is a...
  12. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    Wow, they *kinda* FAQ'd it... then didn't put it in the later printings? Oh my god... this company. It eliminates some interpretations, but as you said, opens a new can of worms. WTF does "general direction" mean in any useful sense?
  13. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    Entirely depends on what "declare a move" means. It could be "I'm moving Bob", "I'm moving Bob to here", "I'm moving Bob along the catwalk, down the stairs, up this ladder, and ending behind the barricade". If it's how you describe, then there's no need for any rule about having insufficient...
  14. HEZZZ

    Hive Kowloon Uprising

    WEEK 3 STORY Last week, the gangs of Hive Kowloon rushed into the newly revealed caverns to loot the buried tech below. The forces of Order came out on top, and using their new-found weaponry, drove the Helot Cults back towards their hiding places. Now, in the third week of the uprising, the...
  15. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    Kinda works as a smartass comment, except every other miniatures game I've played doesn't have the same "no pre-measuring" rule (along with an ambiguous explantion of what happens if you over-estimate your move).
  16. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    There's that page 61 again. Which rulebook exactly are you getting this from?
  17. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    And can I just say, you guys are so much more chill and polite about this than the facebook group.
  18. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    This is a BIG one. The rules talk about declaring a move action, but never tell you what it even means! I'm going to wait until I see the Ash Wastes book, but I doubt it'll be any different. Then I'll email GW. So weird that this has never been FAQ'd, cos no one online can agree on 1 way to play...
  19. HEZZZ

    N18 Not so simple actions: Movement

    The situation I'm specifically interested in is if you try to move to a place, then find you don't have enough movement to reach it. You're saying page 61, but version are you looking at?
  20. HEZZZ

    Necromunda Genestealer Cult Alpha Strength

    BUMP, still strength 3