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  1. MusingWarboss

    Bug Weird attachment after edit.

    Got a weird attachment I can’t edit off my post here: Removed old image with text (quoted in post below it) and pasted meme in and... umm, I guess it didn’t like that! Can you remove the attachment?? It’d least look...
  2. MusingWarboss


    Thinking of getting into BB soon, just wondering though if the numbers on the players mean anything or not. Like are they representative of positions, substitutes etc? Or is it just whack any number on any player for rule of cool? I’ve not got or read the rules yet but may end up buying a box...
  3. MusingWarboss

    Bug Inserting images on iphone

    Oddly enough I’ve noticed recent when I try to add an image from the web instead of putting it where the cursor is, it puts it at the top of the post! It never used to do that. I’m on an aging iPhone 5S so it could just be that breaking but it’s been fine until some point this year. I don’t...
  4. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda On the Direction of Necromunda

    No. 1 opening statement/disclaimer - this is not The Sump. Just a discussion. The Direction of Necromunda AKA the N17-20 Series. Just reading through another thread or two and it lead me to doing some sunny day musing, so I’m just slapping a few thoughts out here. The direction that...
  5. MusingWarboss

    Little Wars TV Homebrew rules video.

    Just watched Little Wars TV’s video on home brewing/house ruling and its a pretty good watch. I like most of their stuff (it is mostly historical). Thought I’d post this up here if anyone’s interested - I know we get a lot of house ruling done in the Necromunda circles.
  6. MusingWarboss

    Bug Instagram

    It seems that Instagram links are not showing up with the image and text like they used to. I don’t know if that’s an Instagram issue or something to do with your recent forum update?
  7. MusingWarboss

    Pathé Short News Wargaming Clips from the 50s - 70s

    For whatever reason the YouTube algorithm decided that I’d be interested in some wargaming related videos and proudly presented me with a load of Pathé News Clips. Now we’ve all seen the Peter Cushing one but here’s a few more (which all seem to be in Kent - I guess that’s as far out a they...
  8. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss’s Scenery

    A thread to show my scenery (once I’ve got it done). Inspired by @Kiblams and also partially because I’ve been meaning to do this for years now, I’ve decided the time is right to crack on and get some scenery built and painted!! Also due to lack of storage space this stuff needs to be packable...
  9. MusingWarboss

    BF:Escalation Model Rules for Kill Team

    Just in case you didn’t know. There are rules for all the Blackstone Fortress: Escalation models for Kill Team in the September 2019 White Dwarf. They suggest they are beta and would like feedback. Very useful! I’m mostly interested in the cultists as it’s usable for all cultists really...
  10. MusingWarboss

    N18 Card Sleeves

    I picked up some of the official ones from GW. They’re really smart! I love the gold Necromunda logo - though the price is a bit of a wallet gouge. I guess I don’t have to buy them but as these damn cards seem to be hard to get I may as well protect my investment so I can keep using them into...
  11. MusingWarboss

    MusingWarboss's 40k 2nd Edition Orks.

    Preface: Orks were the army that got me into 40k. I loved the goofy nature of them, the crazy sculpts and even odder gameplay. In the 1990s I collected and traded (swapped) models fairly regularly - this meant that my Orks grew and depleted in numbers all the time as new crazes came along and I...
  12. MusingWarboss

    New Starter Box

    It’d been announced on Warhammer Community that a new Kill Team starter box set is coming. This one will feature Space Wolves vs Tau and it has Sector Mechanicus scenery.
  13. MusingWarboss

    Miniatures trashed by vandals.

    Although it’s not wargaming related, it is Miniatures related news. Can we spare a thought for the poor Model Railway group who had 25 years of work and many thousands of £s of layouts trashed by four kids who broke into the hall and stomped on their models. “Market Deeping Model Railway...
  14. MusingWarboss

    N18 Alternative Beast Lair Miniature

    The title says it all really, I've often found the Hentai tentacle in the new box set to be the weakest bit of the new plastics. Which is a shame as it looks like it was thrown in last minute. Has anyone managed to make it look cool? Or assembled an alternative model/token to represent it?? I...
  15. MusingWarboss

    N18 Goliath Champ

    Just a quickie question here: I've assembled a Champion with Stub/Plasma Pistol Combi and Brute Cleaver - mostly because it looked cool. However, I've found a nice part which I think would look awesome and fit my gang theme better; so i was thinking of making the cleaver into a flail. Would a...
  16. MusingWarboss

    Bug Clock is ahead.

    Bizarrely on my laptop I can’t login to YakTribe as it says my computers date and time are incorrect. Actually it is correct. I’m on British Summer Time now, which is GMT+1. Oddly because of that it says a private connection can’t be established. Strangely though it’s only that one machine...
  17. MusingWarboss

    N18 Ambull Rules Online

    I mentioned it briefly in one news thread but Warhammer Community has posted up a profile for the Ambull and some other gribbly critters. So if you want to deathmatch your Ambull to Ambot you can...
  18. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda MusingWarboss' Modelling and Painting log (Currently: Formulating plans for Reporters and Steadycam)

    Hello YakTribe Community! I joined here ages ago, back when it was still Yakromunda I think!!! I've been hanging out in the forums, though I never actually got round to posting any pictures of my stuff, even though I've been admiring all of your work! :notworthy: So I decided it was time to...
  19. MusingWarboss

    Combi Weapons

    So. Combi weapons. In GW1 the Plasma Pistol/Stub Gun was available in the trading post. They even went as far as to mention in a box out about Plasma not having a max mode. Apparently by GW3 that is no longer in the Trading Post. The Escher Bolter/Needler is though, along with a few other...
  20. MusingWarboss

    Cawdor Cult Icon

    Just a random question. The new leader is portrayed holding what most presume is a cult icon. It also looks like a double handed axe. Could it be used as such in the rules? It looks very axe like. Could it pull double duty as both???