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  1. Troubled Child

    Troubled Child Comp WIP Thread

    Why have I done this?
  2. Troubled Child

    Question Watched Thread Alerts

    Anybody else not always getting alerts for threads they are watching? It seems very random as in which thread I'm not getting an alert for changes.
  3. Troubled Child

    NCE Paradise Falls

    And so it begins. My friend finally got his 3d printer working again and has dropped off the first load of Necroplex bits. I've done a first pass of flash removal (that pile in the middle is just flash) and it's time to move on to some filing. I'll shamelessly plug the campaign thread that can...
  4. Troubled Child

    Necromunda Paradise Falls

    So just to be clear, I started writing up this campaign before the world went this crazy but I've had a bit more time on my hands so thought I'd start posting some of it. First off a bit of fiction. Emperor take me, you can't flash that many creds about in a place like this! You'll end up at...