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  1. Crazy Ivan

    N18 New Errata & FAQ

    New Errata is up (finally!): At first glance, I’m seeing quite a few of the long outstanding questions answered.
  2. Crazy Ivan

    N18 "House Aranthus"- Outcasts gang - looking for feedback

    Hi all, My group will soon start a new campaign based on the Campaign from the Book of the Outcast and I will start an outcasts gang based on this snippet of fluff from House of Chains: Basically, it will be led by the "Last Lord of Aranthus", the fomer Ogryn Captain (Ogryn Overboss), and the...
  3. Crazy Ivan

    N18 Orlock (HoI) gang - feedback needed

    Hi all, I'm thinking of starting an Orlock gang for an upcoming Dark Uprising campaign, and am currently in the process of building up the gangers (as you can see below). What are your thoughts on this list:
  4. Crazy Ivan

    N18 Yet another Enforcer starting gang

    Hi all, In the next year my group will be starting a Dark Uprising campaign in which I’ll be taking Enforcers. So far I expect to face a Genestealer Cult, Van Saar, Escher, Goliath, Cawdor, Venetors and a Helot Chaos Cult - nearly all gangs really. This is my idea for my starting gang...
  5. Crazy Ivan

    N18 House of Iron (General discussion)

    Now that we’ve seen the upcoming Orlock models, and to mirror the Chains and Blades threads, can we talk and speculate about House of Iron? GW released some more info on the rules: Arms Masters: The big hammer is apparently an Arc Hammer: The model carrying it appears to be wearing a full...
  6. Crazy Ivan

    N18 Free Bounty Hunters & Hive Scum

    Hi all, A question on something that isn't clear to me from the rules: whenever you (temporarily) gain a free Bounty Hunter or Hive Scum, does it need to be a generic one, or can it be one of the Dramatis Personae ones? Not looking to gain an unfair advantage, just wondering if that's a use...
  7. Crazy Ivan

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    Hi all, I’ve recently joined a Necromunda group, with an Enforcer list. However, I still need to assemble and paint them! In order to keep myself motivated, I decided to start a painting and modelling log! I wanted to get started with the Enforcers themselves, but I noted the group I joined...
  8. Crazy Ivan

    N18 New to Necromunda - looking for feedback on Enforcers and GSC starting gangs

    Hi all, I'm just getting started to Necromunda. Currently waiting for my models to arrive; if they do on time, I'll join a group with an Enforcer gang. I'm looking for feedback on this starting gang: If the models don't arrive on...