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  1. King Redwart

    Various items on eBay

    Hello, I’ve been having a bit of a clear out and have a few things listed on eBay. If any yakkers are interested PM me an offer. Fanatic release Orlock - Redemption Zealot with Eviscerator -...
  2. King Redwart

    New GW Industrial Terrain Set

    Wow. When was this available for pre-orders? Looks like I've missed out on something again! (missed out on SWA). I've been looking for cranes/industrial vehicles for my board too! Pricey though. Edit: just found out you can get...
  3. King Redwart

    Necromunda Printable walkway and floor sections

    Does anyone have any printable designs for walkways flooring? (or a link to a website which hosts). Somthjng like the Necro and Mordheim tower PDFs. I'll be building a fair amount of walkways and some flat pack floor levels but I would like the option of printing some designs onto label paper...
  4. King Redwart

    Free Kitbash from me!

    Top three edit - After much deliberation I've decided these are my top three but again thanks to everyone who had a crack. So in no particular order - @trollmeat - "Stylised King Redwart" @D6damage - "Grimdark King Redwart" @djmothra - "Surprised King Redwart" As it will be an avatar pic...
  5. King Redwart

    $$$ Win stuff and make Yaktribe proud $$$

    Saw this on Beasts of War. Obviously it's a bit of a drive to get more people on their forums but I know some of you guys could win it. Might get more people to join the Tribe too. It's a scatter terrain making completion...I'm even tempted to finish my junkyard pieces which would mean...
  6. King Redwart

    Pit Slaves and Specialist Skill

    What happens when a Pit Slave rolls the Specialist skill? There's no rule that states you must have two hands to use a basic or special weapon (although the weapon description does say basic and special weapons are "generally held and fired using two hands"). I see that the most recent...
  7. King Redwart

    Bug Gang Rating Miscalculation

    Hey @Malo, I played a game yesterday and my gang rating was correctly calculated (I hope) but now it's gone through the roof. I'll try and break it down for you My gang Gang rating before last nights game - 1743 Experience earned -...
  8. King Redwart

    GW containers and scatter

    Looks like GW have finally done what we wanted and brought out some new scatter terrain. The price is going to be horrible though "Rules included" cracked me up though :LOL::ROFLMAO::LOL:
  9. King Redwart

    Bug Keep being logged out

    Anyone else have the problem of being continuously logged out? It started yesterday and has persisted. I haven't made any changes to my settings or anything like that. I'm using an iPhone 6S. It's really bugging me!
  10. King Redwart

    Fluffmaster (books)

    My new purchases! Not ready any of them.
  11. King Redwart

    Puppets War Heads and Scale

    Has anyone used any non-helmet human heads form Puppets War? Thinking of buying some but worried they might be space marine head size. Any photos would be really helpful and what heads you ordered. Cheers KR
  12. King Redwart

    Necromunda LAGGNOG’s back baby!!! Battle Reps/Fluff (Page 8)

    It’s that time again. The political landscape of Hive Primus is in upheaval as the Great and the Good duke it out for the opportunity to represent their house in the ruling council. Despite these machinations being so vastly elevated from the day to day existence of the down-hive population, the...
  13. King Redwart

    Necromunda Attention Americans (U.S) - cheap computer fans

    Hello my friends from the US and A. I found this ebay listing while searching for old computer fans - Thought it might be handy to someone who is building some scenery. Only 13hrs left!
  14. King Redwart


    Title says it all. I had one but I've misplaced it and I need one for a Pit Fighter conversion. I have loads of bits to trade so let me know if you want anything. I could pay cash if the price it right. Cheers, KR
  15. King Redwart

    King Redwart's Other Stuff

    A thread for odd models and other general stuff that doesn't fit into one of my dedicated gang (of which there is only one at the moment) or scenery threads. First up is my Mercenary Ogre, who's name is too rude to post on here. We've been playing a bit of Warhammer Quest recently but I'll be...
  16. King Redwart

    Selling Tough Girls of the Galaxy Jailbirds

    Looking to sell my Jailbirds from the Tough Girls of the Galaxy range. Wanted to get my money back which I think works out about same as the price on their website, although I don't think they sell the snipers. PM me if interested. Make me an offer :D
  17. King Redwart

    Bug Gang dropped off my gang list

    Hi @Malo. One of my gangs (Batteries Not Included) has dropped off my list of gangs when I go via the Necromunda gaming tab in the menu or go to my profile and look under gangs. However if I go to any gang in our current campaign and click on the list of gangs for that specific campaign it's in...
  18. King Redwart

    Necromunda Selling Cawdor plus a few others

    Hi all. I'm looking to get rid of these models. Post here if you are interested or PM me with an offer. Was looking to get about £4 per model, a bit more for the non-box models. Will go cheaper if bought in bulk. Also open to trades or helping a brother out if you're desperate (come on we...
  19. King Redwart

    "Raking It In"...a LAGGNOG Special

    He Who Watches... Outside, in the world, he was blind. There was nothing for him but confusion and fear; and so he never left. Not anymore. Because here, in his humming, tech-womb, he had everything fed directly into and out of him. His food and water was pumped directly into him at regular...
  20. King Redwart

    Necromunda Hired Guns on Gang Roster

    This is mainly for @Malo but I thought I would write a thread about it so others could pitch in if I'm being blind and can't see the answers to my own questions. For our new campaign - 1) We are using a pool of Hired Guns that are available to all players in the group. The HGs will move to...