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  1. Llewy

    Whose painting inspires you at the minute (inspiration thread with pics plz!)

    (Edit: have changed the title of this thread from 'who would you paint like if you could?' to 'what painting inspires you at the minute' to better reflect what I'm curious about!) Recently my Instagram has been infested by hobby related images and lots especially from the Blanchitsu end of...
  2. Llewy

    The Lion's Den - Llewy's miniatures thread

    **Sounding the Yak Horn** It is time finally to embark on a miniatures thread. In the past I felt, with both the Wiseman Industries terrain thread and also our ongoing Sector Zero GG campaign thread, it was too much admin! But things have quietened down on those fronts of late. In preparation...
  3. Llewy

    Necromunda Cool accoutrements for classic Orlocks (ideas requested)

    Just reaching out to the Hive mind. I'm gearing up to finally getting round to finishing my classic orlocks and, in-spire-d by some of the cool inq28 stuff I see on Facebook, I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas on things to add to make them bit more grimdark/ techy, and also importantly...
  4. Llewy

    NCE Alternating activation for Necromunda Community Edition

    At least until Games Workshop finish releasing all the auxiliary rule supplements for N17, in our SOGG campaign we’re experimenting with porting a simple version of the alternating activation rules into our beloved NCE. To that end this thread will compile our attempts. So far our experience...
  5. Llewy

    Stringing some BFG scenarios together

    One of my favourite necromunda campaigns is the classic 'Only 24 hours to save the Underhive'. (For those who don't know it's three scenarios linked together that 2 people can play through; the result of each encounter effects the conditions of the next one and it's all glued together with a...
  6. Llewy

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle Sixth Edition

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle was the game that began it all for me and will always have a special place in my heart! Because of how old I am, when I first got into the hobby, we began playing 4th edition, then switched up to 5th when it came out, and I think I'd more of less moved on by the time 6th...
  7. Llewy

    What's the balance of luck Vs skill in necromunda?

    Yep so as the title suggests I'm just curious on yakkers thoughts about the balance of luck versus skill in necromunda. I'm imagining a spectrum with a game like chess that involves little to no chance on one side and snakes and ladders on the other which is pure dice (at least in my memory!)...
  8. Llewy

    A couple of queries about ratskins NCE

    Hey guys, brand new ratskin player here. A couple of things I wonder if someone could clarify for me with the NCE ratskin list. Firstly, I can't get my head around this!? Secondly, why the two costs here? Are the numbers in brackets what the item would cost for anyone else and the numbers...
  9. Llewy

    NCE Are shotguns any good?

    I've really gone off using shotguns in my gangs recently and I'm interested to hear from any seasoned vets who still swear blind by a good ol fashioned shotgun what their reasons are? Here's a recap for ease of reference: And the prices: I'm not sure what it is that's niggling me, perhaps...
  10. Llewy

    Auto repairer getting destroyed in the raid? (NCE)

    In the auto-repairer rules it says: 'Note that the auto-repairer is kept in the gang’s territory and is not associated with any specific Heavy. As it does not belong to a specific model its value is not included in the gang’s rating. If the gang is raided in the Raid scenario then the...
  11. Llewy

    Bug Multiple injuries glitch

    Hey @Malo, we've seen this glitch a couple of time using the post battle sequence tool. Multiple injuries can sometimes create far too many injuries. Usually if you are rolling manually then you would get d3+1 and reroll any further results of multiple injuries, my suspicion is that it's not...
  12. Llewy

    The woeful fortune of Work Team 8 - advice or mad ideas requested

    As documented here - - a recent freak accident with a meltagun left my gang in the Rags to Riches campaign leaderless, even worse than that they lost the only territory that...
  13. Llewy

    Necromunda "Wiseman Industries", Llewy's terrain thread

    "Boys, I think we've found it!" Kelos says, surveying the abandoned factory floor. "This place is perfect: A little home away from home." "Boss, boss," Jonny comes up, out of breath, "There's something I gotta tell you." Kelos doesn't seem to hear him. Arcing his hand in a wide...
  14. Llewy

    Rags to riches: the road from Sogg Bottom to Slick City

    A little while back, @King Redwart asked: @The Duke @Llewy when is your campaign kicking off? Is it in East London? Have you got a thread going in the campaign section? (So many questions!). We found a dedicated fluff/battlereport thread was a really cool way of letting Yakkers game vicariously...
  15. Llewy

    Blood Donor's Alternative Rare Trade

    I was really pleased to come across @Blood Donor's Alternative Rare Trade chart and we've decided to adopt it in our campaign. It seems to me to be basically a tweak to the existing Rare Trade that allows a little more choice/ flexibility, which meets a need in our group, in that there is more...
  16. Llewy

    Beginners guide to Yaktribe

    I am sure I have seen this elsewhere but I couldn't find it with search - I'm sorry! Is there a beginners guide to using the forums? I guess all I really want to know is how many posts I need to make before I can get a profile picture etc.. Thank you!
  17. Llewy

    Which pets to take with a Beastmaster?

    Hi all, I recently gave the old Radagast model a stubgun and now that he's found himself incarnated in the Hive I wonder if any of you more seasoned players have a preference - rats, millasaurs or ripper jacks - to take with a beastmaster as I am looking to get some for him? Thank you!