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  1. BigAshW

    Deserter Imperial Guard Squad

    This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while now as I have a bunch of old Rogue Trader Guard minis that I want to use. So I've been kicking ideas back and forth with the LAGGNOG Guys and thought its best to try and get it all written down in one place. The basic premise is that...
  2. BigAshW

    Ermans Trukk (BigAshW's first kit bash)

    This is a build thread showing my first kitbashing efforts creating a new trukk for Gorka. It's written from the viewpoint of Erman Spannering, the SpannerBoy of my mob. Da Boyz were sitting around watching the old Pict Slates that Erman had unearthed during a scavenging run. The slates all...
  3. BigAshW

    Ideas wanted for some old imperial guard minis

    Hey guys, I have these fellas in my stash of minis and was wondering about their possibility of conversion to necro minis, maybe Van Saar?? Any ideas or thoughts on them welcome. Ash
  4. BigAshW

    Any body here collect 40k stuff?

    Hey guys I have a bunch of minis to sell off, mostly space marines, if anyone is interested I'll post up some pics for you all.