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  1. Casus

    N18 Which Hangers-On do your hire first?

    Curious what the most frequently hired Hangers-on are in your campaign -
  2. Casus

    Spyker Heads, Sheen Bird Proxys & Orlock / Delaque Bits

    Just a few fairly specialized bits that the crew here might be interested in. Shipping from Canada, so sending to Europe can get pricey. Costs shown below in USD, includes shipping within North America, payable via PayPal. Rogue Psyker heads from the Blackstone Fortress main set, that make...
  3. Casus

    N18 Iron Guild - Guns, Guns, Guns - Trading Post vs House List

    Just curious how to apply this rule: Can a player with an Iron Guild alliance buy discount common weapons at the trading post? E.g., I have Shotgun on my house list for 30 credits, it's also common at the trading post for 30 credits - can I opt to buy with my "Guns Guns Guns" discount and...
  4. Casus

    N18 House of Iron Orlock Gang Build

    Hanging up my trenchcoats and bald-wax for next campaign, starting to work out a new HoI Gang plan - Would love to hear thoughts / critique on the following. We play both ZM and SM. Struggled a bit with the skills for the Champions, since the Bravado options seem to range from disappointing to...
  5. Casus

    N18 Delaque Scale comparison

    Quick comparison shot of the new Delaques (one natural and one on Cadian Command squad legs), vs heresy, original GW Delaque, shapeways stealth gangers and east riding slicks: Delaque Scale comparison by Casus posted Dec 23, 2018 at 2:43 PM
  6. Casus

    Necromunda Casus' Necromunda Gang Projects

    Longtime lurker, infrequent poster - this thread will likely focus on WIP shots for the various competitions going on, but eventually I'll actually finish some of my non-competition stuff and post pics of that too. Who am I kidding - finishing even a competition entry will be a step up for me...