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    Orrus Proxy

    Help me Yakkers, you're my only hope! Need help finding a modern take on the Orrus suite. Saved a pic of a 3rd party Orrus model someone is producing and for the life of me I can't find it. I'm hoping it's an stl file so I can 3D print one, or failing that I'll just buy the dam thing... if I...
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    Necromunda OOP Necromunda Figures

    Parting with some OOP Necromunda Figures. Buyer pays shipping form Canada BC. Reasonable offers welcome, low ballers need not apply. See pics for details and condition:
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    Necromunda Need Chunky Weapon Swaps for Custom Gorilla Gang

    I scored a bunch of the old AT-43 Karmans that I'm converting into a gang/alternate race for Necromunda (: yes, I know, no xenos in Munda! :) Background wise, they'll be an offshoot of the Kinebrach or Jokaero species. They'll be good with tech but physically strong, something like a cross...
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    Looking for some paints

    With Necromunda on the way I've decided to replace/rebuild my paint set, and short of some random GW paints I'm starting pretty much from scratch. Since my first three gangs to paint are going to be Escher, Goliath, and Delaque can anyone recommend a paint set or custom set? I've only ever...
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    My very own kickstarter :)

    Hi all, I just launched a kickstarter for print and play dungeon tiles and I'm trying to get the word out. Here's the link for those that feel like checking it out: We've already hit the...
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    Necromunda Citadel Journal and Necromunda and Gang War, oh my!

    Hey Yakkers, I'm getting rid of my old Citadel Journal, Necromunda, and Gang War magazines. Here's the list: Necromunda Magazine: 2,5-11 Gang War: 1,5 Citadel Journal: 18, 21, 25-26, 28, 32, 35-36, 38, 40-46 Offers welcome.
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    Storming the Tower

    Brainstorming session for a modular Necromunda tower. Stairwell Options: 1) Functional stairwell with as small a footprint as possible and steps spaced for mini bases. 2) A damaged stairwell requiring you to jump down or climb up. Elevator shaft options: 1) Shaft is a permanent fixture in the...
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    Grotz in Da Hive

    First let me say how grateful I am for this awesome site! Thanks to this site, and nostalgic night of googling, I've dug out my old Necro stuff and I'm currently introducing the game to the family. My 5yr is a bit heavy handed with figs but there's a fair bit of battle damage due to storage so a...
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    Necromunda Stormwolf Inspired Scratch Build

    Here's the scoop: I'm working on a Necromunda campaign and the main character needs a ship. With GW pricing well outside my means I've decided to do a scratch build inspired by the Stormwolf. I've done a rough draft by smooshing together a bunch of 3D models in tinkercad. This is what I have so...