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    N18 How are you discussing gangs & loadouts?

    I agree that the focus tends to be on making the gang more powerful. I don't think it's just that though. For example if a new player decides all their gangers have lasguns, even if this isn't a bad choice competitively, a lot of people will say that uniformity is boring in Necromunda. Different...
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    N18 Orlock Gang Tactics Cards - preorder - new?

    It seems they're a reprint of the original cards, not the new cards that were released with House of Iron.
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    Necromunda GOTU or HOS ?

    Gangs Of the Underhive is essentially out of date. If you use the gang’s relevant House of book those are the current rules. If the people you play with agree you can use the rules in GOTU though. Just bear in mind that the House of books have more options and are considered more powerful than...
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    N18 Campaign for 1v1v1

    One way to address the issue is to each have two gangs, that way there are 6 gangs in the campaign and not 3. Every game take it in turns to have 2 players controlling one gang and the third player on his own. Rotate who is on their own of course. You could just have one gang each of course, but...
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    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    8 models is a good number for an Orlock starting gang. You can probably get away with 7 but I definitely wouldn't go any lower that. 9 or 10 models is better of course, but as you've found it becomes hard to equip any of them with decent gear if you're going with this many models. There aren't...
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    N18 Starting Van Saar list

    As mentioned already your gang feels a bit too uniform. Like an Imperial Guard squad rather than a gang. Maybe worth checking with the people you're going to be playing against whether they're happy to take on this gang. It might not be particularly powerful, just doesn't feel very Necromunda.
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    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Starting your gang with a Hive Scum is an interesting idea, though I wouldn't do it. Better off getting your core gang sorted first before spending credits on Hangers On. I would also prioritise more useful Hangers on (like a Rogue Doc or Slopper) before investing in Hive Scum. I wouldn't...
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    A tabletop game I remember - But what was it?

    I remember buying / playing this before I even knew what Games Workshop was. Little did I know the rabbit hole I was going into…
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    N18 New Player Orlock Loadout Advice

    Your second attempt is certainly much better than your first. Harpoon launchers aren’t great. If you’re going with a heavy weapon then a heavy bolter is solid, though pricier than a harpoon launcher. Personally i’d be inclined to give him a master crafter bolter instead, using the spare creds...
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    N18 New escher gang

    I don’t know much about Escher but I’ll give you my thoughts: 4 Sisters with lasguns isn’t a bad choice if you’re trying to be competitive, but it’s turning them into a Guardsman unit rather than a Necromunda gang. A bit of variety will add a lot more character. Perhaps one Sister could have a...
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    N18 Xenos Gangs

    My first thought is that Shadow War Armageddon might be the game for you. You may have discounted this already but just thought I'd mention it. If you want to play actual Necromunda then I think you will need to do a fair bit of modelling. Since 40K squads tend to have pretty uniform weapons...
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    N18 Boltgun or Grenade Launcher

    Yeah, I'd say they're both very good for different reasons. Personally I prefer my Leaders to have bolters and put grenade launchers elsewhere. I'd put the grenade launcher on a Specialist and have different weapons on the Leader and Champions.
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    New models incoming

    Anyone who wants to know probably already knows, but the Underhive Sector is going to cost £170. Too expensive for me, especially since I don't think I need any more Gang Strongholds. If it had been £150 or less I would have considered getting it anyway, not at £170 though.
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    N18 Ash Wastes vehicles

    GW are going to be making some vehicles for Ash Wastes. Exactly what isn't clear at the moment, though why not just wait and see what they release and see if you like them? I wouldn't be surprised if they release a boxed set (Ash Waste Nomads vs Orlocks is my guess) with some vehicles included...
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    N18 Necromunda: Ash Wastes

    While the news that Necromunda continues to expand is welcome, like others on this thread I'll wait and see what actually comes of it. I would have been more interested in more gangs being announced for current Necromunda, especially the gangs that were in the 1995 version / Outlanders...
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    N18 Another list! This time Orlock.

    I like it. Some things that I would consider expendable: The stub gun on your captain, the inferno ammo, and the second stub gun on both your Wreckers. Personally I don’t think you need two Gangers with autoguns, I would upgrade one to a bolter, even if it means getting rid of a Wrecker to pay...
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    N18 Infinity Miniatures

    I’ve never played the game but do have some Infinity models in my 40K Imperial Guard army. They’re not heroic scale but I don’t think they look too out of place alongside GW models. Which models specifically are you thinking of using in Necromunda?
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    N18 Outlaws: Ok for a not-chaos cult?

    Bear in mind that we haven’t seen the Book of the Outcast yet, so don’t really know what the gang will be. Based on what we do know I think your fluff could fit either Chaos Helots or Outcasts. Maybe leaning towards Outcasts if your gang don’t actually know they’re helping Chaos.
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - Starter Gang and Assault on Precinct-Fortress 17

    I have now reworked both gangs a bit. The leader in the Starter gang has been given a bolter instead of the shock baton and concussion carbine. With Necromunda for some reason I am always tempted to give the leader close quarters weapons. I agree that a bolter might be better for this leader...
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    N18 Palanite Enforcers - Starter Gang and Assault on Precinct-Fortress 17

    My starter gang does have one bolter, it's on the Palanite Sergeant. I'm considering swapping his weapon with the Patrolman with a sniper rifle. You're right that Enforcer Boltguns are pretty great. I didn't intentionally keep the bolters to a minimum, just prioritised other things. I have one...