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  1. CaptnM

    N18 Death Maidens, Pistols, and Toxins

    Correct! You get 2 extra attacks (+1 for charging + 1 for the sidearm), only one of which can be made with the sidearm. However, if it were another type of close combat weapon and not a sidearm, e.g. a power sword or a venom claw, you would have to split the attack dice evenly between the close...
  2. CaptnM

    Kill Team 2.0

    Same here, my Kommando Killteam (for which I used my good old Deadzone Marauders) got wiped out by my mate's Murderclown-Elves-in-Space but the game was pretty balanced. We used the Free Play system with TacOp secondaries and had a blast. The cover rule reads more complicated than it is. And if...
  3. CaptnM

    Comment by 'CaptnM' in media 'IMG_20210808_001458984_HDR.jpg'

    Totally agree on the Veer-Myn comment. I run mine as Genestealer corrupted Escher with a pet Ratogre (Nightmare Veer-Myn Aberrant). High mobility, sneaky & blades (Clan Eshyn), Mutations (Clan Moulder), Chemical-Technological Warfare (Clan Skyre) & Poisons (Clan Pestilens) all present. :D
  4. IMG_20210801_151032.jpg


    The Things from Below - using Deadzone Veer-Myn by Manticgames as a Genestealer infected house gang.
  5. CaptnM

    N18 Linear Gang-based Campaign ideas (or: extra narrative campaigns goals)

    Good idea, keeping it secret. :) E.g. if you play an Inquisition-themed Venator gang, and no other gang is openly heretic (no cults, no corrupted) in the campaign, your goal could be to win one game against each other gang and take an enemy prisoner to interrogate them (bonus pts for leaders &...
  6. CaptnM

    Kill Team 2.0

    Same as with the BSF Traitor Guard, I 'd say. One box of them (1 Renegade Psyker, 2 Negavolt Cultists, 2 Beastmen, 7 Guard) would probably make a good base for a Killteam. The Servants of the Abyss (8 Cultists, 1 Firebrand) might be trickier to adapt. Funny that GW killed off those boxes, I...
  7. CaptnM

    N18 Linear Gang-based Campaign ideas (or: extra narrative campaigns goals)

    Taken straight from new Killteam 2.0 's narrative play and Warcry's Campaign paths, I am pondering whether this sort of campaign style would work also well in Necromunda to add some narrative depth to each gang's individual progress. Granted, Necromunda Campaigns - are based on the conflicts...
  8. CaptnM

    Kill Team 2.0

    Having gone over the rules, O(r)ctarius und the Compendium twice. Seriously, is this going to be the best GW Skirmisher and chances are it can be even of the top skirmish games all around out there (typos aside)? Having played both Manticgames' Deadzone for years and PP's WarmaHordes for the...
  9. CaptnM

    Kill Team 2.0

    Manticgames' Deadzone did pretty well without a Morale system, for 2 editions straight now. Pinned (like NM's pinned - takes one action to stand up) could also present a model panicking and diving for cover under suppressive fire or dodging a grenade, but that's about it. Works pretty well, and...
  10. Deadzone goes Necromunda

    Deadzone goes Necromunda

    Using Manticgames' line of Sci-Fi minis in the Underhive
  11. CaptnM

    N18 Helot Cult - on the right lines?

    I built a Helot Gang from the Blackstone Fortress set too, but after deciding to lead a Venator Gang in our local campaign instead, I gave the Cultists to a friend, so he could participate in the campaign as well. I still do the bookkeeping on Yaktribes, and the guy playing the gang and I have...
  12. CaptnM

    N18 Equipment for Death Maidens

    Death Maidens require some good planning ahead of the game / campaign and build them accordingly to play them at their most effective level. The obvious choice is to make use of their Toxic Blood which has great synergies with the Eschers' signature Toxin toys, and Chem Synths. Essentially, I...
  13. CaptnM

    N18 Jotunn H-grade servitor Ogryn loadout

    In both cases, and in case of the storm welder as well, the HoC and HoB entries say "may replace one of their Augmentic fists with X" with a seperate entry per weapon change. Since the big guy has two of them, your loadout option 'd be the following: Augmentic fist & Storm Welder Augmentic fist...
  14. CaptnM

    Necromunda Back to Necromunda

    Just like @Jacob Dryearth I followed a link here for the female Cawdor and found a trove of great minis. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. I particularly like the red Eschers. :)
  15. CaptnM

    Necromunda Ivan’s Necromunda/Kill Team/etc. Painting & Modelling

    Fantastic work on your gang, @Crazy Ivan Re Killteam: Marines followed by Chaos Marines for that classic old setup of Order vs Chaos, then some Xenos. Unless you don't feel like painting blue minis.
  16. CaptnM

    N18 House of Iron (General discussion)

    As far as I know, you are mistaken there. In Gangs of the Underhive, non-versatile melee weapons list E as L range, versatile weapons list E as S range and L noting the X'' inches for versatile. I reckon you're onto something there, even tho' RAW (GotU pg 137) Suspensors only work for ranged...
  17. CaptnM

    N18 House of Iron (General discussion)

    This would totally make sense, since the model is designed that way. Ah, I kinda missed that point, great tactic indeed. Given that real melee combat is most likely more dynamic the static way we place our minis, I 'm fine with the hammer not having reckless. We can assume that the...
  18. CaptnM

    N18 House of Iron (General discussion)

    They are Orlock Prospects (see the link to WH community @Crazy Ivan shared), a.k.a. special Juves like Forge-Born and Wyld Runners. Following the current design, I guess they will have the upgrade option to get promoted to Champions during downtime, maybe they can become either a regular...
  19. CaptnM

    N18 Milder Lasting Injury table

    Awesome! Maybe I will talk to my campaign arbitrator if we should allow for some tweaks here too.
  20. CaptnM

    N18 Milder Lasting Injury table

    Reducing Recovery to a WP check sounds like a good alternative, but requires a bit bookkeeping, and the additional vunerability might factor in here. But it can work well especially if you have players who can't play that often and whose models would be stuck in recovery longer than those of...