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  1. Greyhart


    So after going all in on Frostgrave last year I FINALLY was able to sit down and play a game with one of my friends who also did a deep dive into it. My Elementalist and band vs his Necromancer and minions. It was just a straight up "smash & grab" scenario with both warbands trying get as much...
  2. Greyhart

    New (ish) year, new (ish) army

    So, this year I'm doing "The Great Game Closet Clean Out" and a friend of mine is taking some of my mountain of shame off my hands. He's wanting to get the Chaos Knights when their released, but he had Canis Rex along with 3 boxes of Armigers (all still in their boxes) he was originally going...
  3. Greyhart

    The Silver Bayonet

    So I was reading up on this - yet another game - from Osprey and the mind of Joe McCullough, who's games I honestly enjoy. I'm not a fan of historical games but this one grabs my interest, as the game is billed as "Napoleonic Gothic Horror". Has anyone else looked into it and if so what do you...
  4. Greyhart


    So, I recently picked up the two player starter box for Armada and was quite pleased. A friend of mine and I had played - and really enjoyed - Uncharted Seas so when Armada came along we both took a long hard look. Then we ended up jumping in with both feet. LoL! I don't know if Mantic aquired...
  5. Greyhart

    5 Parsecs From Home

    So.. has anyone bought and played this yet? The solo play aspect, heavier RPG elements, and more customizable crew appeal to me in a different way than Stargrave. It also appears that quite a few people are buying into both games. I'm interested from what I've seen and reviews I've read but I'd...
  6. Greyhart

    N18 Revisiting Orlock starting gang list

    Greetings Yaks, I'm reworking my starting list for my Orlock gang before I assemble and paint them. Note that I'm playing mainly Zone Mortalis at this time, and am building my list using the "boys before toys" adage. Here's my list: Leader - Boltgun, Chainsword Champion - Grenade Launcher...
  7. Greyhart

    Last Chance Commanders.. what?!

    What's going on with Kill Team? First it appears that all the Kill Zones are limited run, and now a bunch of the Commanders are on "Last Chance". I don't get what GW is doing, which is not a surprise as I never understand their business practices.
  8. Greyhart

    N18 New Orlock gang, need critique

    Greetings Yaks, So after painting the Goliath's, Escher, and terrain in the box set I'm now on to my long time favorite gang, the Orlocks. Before I assemble and paint them, I need some constructive feedback on my loadouts. Here's my list: Leader - boltgun, servo claw Champion - grenade...