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  1. celticgriffon

    Loonie Bashin' - Free download from Issue 3 Hero Hammer Fanzine

    Remember those mini games they used to sneak into White Dwarf? We are talking about you Brewhouse Bash!! Well, the folks at Hero Hammer Fanzine #3 published my mini game about Goblin Fanatics called Loonie Bashin'. It is pure chaos and mayhem just as you would expect from those dim-whitted...
  2. celticgriffon

    Celticgriffon's VLOG / Necromunda Musings..

    I decided to do a quick vlog of my gangs for Necromunda 2017. I also pine for a simpler time with one or two rulebooks vs more than I can comfortably carry over a long distance... lol Thanks for watching!
  3. celticgriffon

    Epic Space Marine 2nd Edition / Renegades - Cards and templates for Chaos

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if there is a place where we can download and print the Chaos stuff (cards and templates) from the Epic Renegades boxed set? I have the box and all the eldar stuff but my friend played Chaos back in the day so I gave him that portion. I would like to have the...
  4. celticgriffon

    Blood Bowl Apothecaries - satire / humour /masking

    Not my video but damn this is funny as hell...
  5. celticgriffon

    WFB 4th Edition How to Play Series

    Hi everyone - I have posted a video in my how to play series for WFB 4th edition. The introduction / Part I kept failing so I have to try it again. This is Part II: Movement phase. If you have any comments or questions feel free to reach out. Cheers, Michael
  6. celticgriffon

    Celticgriffon's GW discussion (mostly board games)

    For most of my life I have enjoyed playing and collecting games of all types. In this episode I showcase and discuss a moderate sample of my Games Workshop (related) collection. The showcase is for box games and doesn't include anything from my expansive miniature collection. A rough timeline...
  7. celticgriffon

    2 player game sessions with my son

    Hi everyone, My son and I have been posting various 2 player board game sessions and posting them on youtube. I have a very large game collection and these games are just the tip of the iceberg really. All types of games are played - abstract, strategy, card, board, dexterity, etc. Here is...
  8. celticgriffon

    Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner Edition / 2 player game play / Introductory Mission: "Ambulators"

    Hi everyone, my son and I recently tried Shadowrun Crossfire: Prime Runner Edition. I owned a lot of 1st edition RPG stuff for Shadowrun so I was somewhat drawn to this game. The game play is pretty good in my opinion for a co-op.
  9. celticgriffon

    W40k Indomitus learn to play missions

    Hi everyone, My 11 year old and I recently did some quick videos on the learn to play scenarios from the W40K 9th edition starter. We have the first 3 missions posted and hope to complete the others sometime soon. Thanks for watching and feel free to comment on anything you feel would help...
  10. celticgriffon

    Crossbows and Catapults - Lakeside Edition - all the way back to 1983

    Hi everyone, Here is a blast from the past for you to enjoy. I take my 11 year old back to 1983 Crossbows and Catapults. Enjoy! mb
  11. celticgriffon

    WFB 4th / 5th editon mini campaign

    Hi everyone, My youngest son and I have posted some games of WFB 4th edition on youtube. I am trying to regain some of the nostalgia I had for the game back in the early 90's. Feel free to check it out and let us know what you think. We are still learning video processing and stuff so go...
  12. celticgriffon

    Hero Hammer Fanzine / free download

    Hi everyone, In case you missed it, a new free to download Hero Hammer Fanzine has been launched by my friend Joshua Van Zaane. It is a collective work from fans of the era. I had the good fortune to contribute a Campaign Rules System I made a few years ago in this issue (tweaked for 4th /...
  13. celticgriffon

    Star Wars: The Queen'S Gambit Timelapse Match

    Since we are heading for isolation my son and I watched Episode I: The Pantom Menace and followed it up with a game of The Queen's Gambit. It has been years since I dragged this off the shelf and it was way overdue. Enjoy everyone!
  14. celticgriffon

    Blood Bowl - Cripple Cup

    Hi everyone, We recently held a Cripple Cup table top multi week tournament as a primer for our upcoming season. Basically teams cannot have any apothecaries, do not gain money after a match, etc. No journeymen are allowed - if you are down players for your next match such is life. I tried...
  15. celticgriffon

    The peeking around the corner dilemma

    Hi everyone, One thing that has always bothered me about skirmish miniature systems is what I call the peeking around the corner dilemna. You want to place your model as hidden as possible to confer soft or hard cover advantages. But if you do can the same model fire around the corner without...
  16. celticgriffon

    TT Combat Ruined Grav Lift

    Hi everyone, I just built this kit and am struggling with two things: 1) how to paint it up 2) How to incorporate it into my hive I may get a few more of them likely after xmas as funds are pretty tight at the moment. Any suggestions? TT Combat Ruined Gravity Lift by celticgriffon posted...
  17. celticgriffon

    Necromunda N17 Tools - new user question

    Hi everyone, I am a new user to the gang tools and had a few questions. I cannot seem to find a user manual for the site tools, but I very much appreciate the work put into such things. 1) What is the purpose of the load out function for equipment? 2) Is there a way to have the weapon stats...
  18. celticgriffon

    Celticgriffons Post Game Sequence and Turf House Rules (hybrid from ORB and N17)

    Here are my adjustments for the Post Game Sequence: Post Game Sequence Wrap-up (same as GW1 pg 22) Collect Income (ignore this step when using these house rules) Receive Rewards (same as GW1 pg 22 or you can use the rules below regarding Turf) Post Battle Actions Work the Gangs Turf can now...
  19. celticgriffon

    Reputation House Rule Suggestion

    Hi everyone, Here is my suggestion for re-working Reptuation in N17 Campaigns. The system is mostly lifted from the Fan Factor adjustments in Blood Bowl. The ultimate goal was to avoid massive swings in reputation based on "gaming" the various scenarios for rep points. It is also my attempt...
  20. celticgriffon

    Hex Terrain for Shadespire using Hirst Arts stuff and foamcoare

    Hi everyone, Here is some 3D terrain for Shadespire. The base is foamcore and the bits are mostly from Hirst Arts molds. Shadespire terrain by celticgriffon posted Aug 3, 2018 at 2:08 AM