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  1. UndeadKing

    Zone mortalis cards

    I bought these for £30 but no longer have use for them. Wanting to sell what I paid for them plus post if anyone is interested
  2. UndeadKing

    Escher for sale

    There's loads of spares. From plastic upgrades to resin ones
  3. UndeadKing

    Escher for sale

    What other bits do you want pics of?
  4. UndeadKing

    Escher for sale

    Yes I Yes I am uk based
  5. UndeadKing

    Escher for sale

    Large escher gang built using plastics and fw resin. Converted gang leader from gsc range. Phyrr cats etc. All remaining weapons will also be included including plastics, resin sets and champion sets. Will also throw in remaining unbuilt escher minis I have which is at least 9 escher on sprue...
  6. Escher


  7. IMG_20220607_045052.jpg


    Escher gang
  8. UndeadKing

    What started as a Pickles Reborn thread has become the telling of Juice’s Saga

    Will definitely need to get a game in soon. Looking forward to seeing what you od with these!!!
  9. UndeadKing

    N18 New escher gang

    Here is a potential Escher gang for an upcoming campaign. Do I need another body or any major changes?
  10. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Hey now @CaptainDangerous there's only 2 grenade launchers in there lol. Was tempted to put a coupe more in but thought better of it. Chainsword spam maybe though. You'll need to run them against my corpse grinders when we get a game in
  11. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Yeah everything is still there plus a couple extra bodies I found in a box. Not after escher now as I have about 40 escher now lol. Cold hard cash unless you have something else. Where in the north east? Always up for a game
  12. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Still have these for anyone after goliaths
  13. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    £60 takes them before they hit ebay
  14. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Still available
  15. UndeadKing

    Necromunda House of Chains / House of Blades (rulebooks)

    Haven't got anything to trade but would be interested in house of blades if still available?
  16. UndeadKing

    Necromunda Goliaths for trade

    Added wants if anyone has any of the stuff I'm looking for hit me up
  17. UndeadKing

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Are the outlaw brutes from white dwarf going to be added in?
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