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    NOVA Open 2020: The Killing Streets (and tournament)

    Howdy all, haven't posted in awhile, but I'm the event organizer for the NOVA Open 2020 Necromunda events, and with registration fast approaching (Tickets go up this Sunday, mark your calendars, don't delay, things sell out FAST at NOVA), I have been in a sprint to get my campaign packet to a...
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    The Battle for Boretown

    Back after a long hiatus from posting, I’m finally gearing up to run a Necromunda ‘17 campaign. Now that the core rules are all out, I’ve got my Warhammer quest group starting Necromunda. Three non-wargamers and two veterans should be an interesting mix, I’m hoping things go smoothly, though I’m...
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    Iandanger's Hive Project

    Hi All, I've been a lurker for awhile and am posting here for the first time. I am mostly a 40K player, but I started gaming with Mordheim when it came out, and 2 years ago I began the long road of making an inquisition force. I've converted up a substantial amount of acolyte models, built a...