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  1. SuboptimusPrime

    Necromunda The ballad of how I lost my mind and decided to paint a ton of stuff

    And one very very VERY angry young lady is done:
  2. Aline Schildbrecher.jpg

    Aline Schildbrecher.jpg

  3. SuboptimusPrime

    Necromunda Stoof's Project Thread

    Considering the size of 10 Space Marines vs 1 Rhino, I think you'll be fine.
  4. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    They're bigger than the old plastic marines and have overall better proportions, but are a bit more stout than the emperor's new super models.
  5. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    "While the multimelta is representative of the fierce love for microwaved ration sticks he had in life, and finally, the assault ram on the other arm really captures his love the name of the Emperor." The metaphors may need a bit of work.
  6. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    That is no way to talk about the late Kenny Baker, the man had a hard time sitting in that can with no air conditioning on top of having to portray the rudest character in all of cinematic history. I mean, they bleeped every single one of his lines.
  7. SuboptimusPrime

    Necromunda The ballad of how I lost my mind and decided to paint a ton of stuff

    Got around to sitting my butt down to do something I am always weary of: Sculpting. Not being an advanced sculptor myself by any means, I have respect for the craft, espcially for the limitations in 28mm and heroic scale. But sometimes you have to wonder if whoever did a mini ever saw a human...
  8. RPG WIP.jpg

    RPG WIP.jpg

  9. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    That argument is true for a lot of imperial worlds, especially for those special iconic worlds like Necromunda, but between working STCs, what amounts to a race of quasi-abhumans as strong as astartes and a whole lost civilization of xeno fishmen, even my very robust suspension of disbelief is...
  10. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    Well, I for one welcome this as an option. If this is, as I suspect/hope, a bit like a D&D campaign expansion, you can either play in the utterly undefined "base" Necromunda, or advance your campaign like this. I see no obligation to buy it so far. My only fear is that, as has been the case...
  11. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    In the case of our gaming group, I honestly think it's more to keep us from having yet another game system while we almost never get around to playing anything anyway because of the old problem of "somehow ten people can't find a single day between them any given month where more than three are...
  12. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    Somewhere a page or two back, there's a post about how measuring in inches is already crazy and measuring with shapes even more so? Well, the person in question hates that concept so much, it's kept him from giving Kill Team 2 a try. He himself said it's an irrational hatred, but he's pretty...
  13. SuboptimusPrime

    New models incoming

    I have thusly earmarked funds for that Killteam box. I like both teams and the terrain too much not to buy this. And if I bash my head against his long enough, I may yet convince the leader of our gaming group to give Kill Team a try, retroactively justifying my purchase.
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    Because there's been a teensy bit of confusion around the matter: The main FYSC thread is for posting WIPs, bragging about progress, presenting excuses for lack of progress and general light shitposting. You can present your entry for the month here, in fact, you are encouraged whole-heartedly...
  15. SuboptimusPrime

    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    The emperor has abandoned this place long ago...
  16. SuboptimusPrime

    FYSC July Submissions Thread - Beach edition

    I see what you mean now, you called yours on the 11th. No worries, I added you in for the month. But to make things easier on @MedMos , @Sump Duck and myself going forward, please do post your finished stuff again once the submission thread is open. It saves us from having to thrawl the...
  17. SuboptimusPrime

    Necromunda The ballad of how I lost my mind and decided to paint a ton of stuff

    More RPG minis! In case you are wondering how many more of these I will do, the answer is at least three, because that is the amount which are still in the backlog, and two of these need to be done by the 19th, so expect more shortly. And yes, the slightly dusty effect on parts of the mini is...
  18. Alviss.jpg


    Alviss en Vel, her Majesty's agent who cannot roll a knowledge check below 35.
  19. SuboptimusPrime

    What's on your mind?

    The Fey Enchantress (Spelled "Fay" in a lot of places now, for some reason) was the one with the grail. Pics towards the bottom of the article. She does have the proper looks of a moistened bint who'd lob a scimitar at somebody about her.
  20. SuboptimusPrime

    Some SWA kill teams (and maybe other stuff)

    The minis look ultra-cool and are giving me ideas for my own Sicarians, should I ever get around to them or manage to match this level of conversion. And also, if I read your post correctly, you wanted pistols but thought you got flechettes? If so, it's fine, that listing is wrong.