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  1. Crowbarr

    Gorkamorka models

    Just a bunch of awesome STL models for download, soon to be printed and sold as cast resin minis too.
  2. Crowbarr

    New Ork miniature company from Australia

    Hey everyone, just found this amazing small company called Mekka Miniatures, they're releasing cast models and 3d digital files every month, these are some of their new releases from february. Sign up to their patreon at or visit their store
  3. Crowbarr

    New Gorkamorka models

    There's an Australian making some gorkamorka inspired green dudes on his etsy page and patreon. That guy is me. Check out my stuff at or here are some recent pieces!
  4. Crowbarr

    Role playing Viking orks

    As the title says, I’ve made a Viking themed ork team, but I’m wondering if I should allow them to use grenades or any big guns? Currently they all have choppas and spears, with the only ranged weapon being bows, crossbows and spears thrown. I’m tempted to allow harpoon guns and scorchas but...
  5. Crowbarr

    A few rule questions

    1. Can you buy more than one ammo gubbins for a vehicles big gun? 2. Can you customize big guns? (ie more dakka etc) 3. If you twin link two shootas, they get a sustained fire dice between them, if you upgrade both of them to get "more dakka", they both have one sustained fire dice each, does...