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  1. Draconic

    Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk

    Dark Depths – Ghosts of Sumphulk Hi there. This is a Log of an RPG one-shot I wrote and gamemastered in the Necromunda setting. Preamble: A bit about me. I have a background of being a Necromunda player and arbitrator with mainly experience from the original rule book (ORB) and the...
  2. Draconic

    Dark Depths Campaign

    This is a log thread for a Campaign in the Sumphulk setting. It will Involve 5 gangs and an arbitraion gang playing a Dominion game with the unknown territory varient and be using the New-cromunda ruleset. It will also have a Venator Co-op RPG running along side the games.
  3. Draconic

    Bug Site issues in Safari

    Hi @Malo i have been having a lot of issues with the menu screen freezing and notifications not loading with iPhone using safari. Is this a known issue? Do you have any tips please? It’s been happening for a month or 2 I just been persevering. Thanks
  4. Draconic

    NCE NCE/OCE Rules help please

    Hi fellow Yakkers! I would love to draw on your vast experience with the NCE/OCE ruleset for questions my playgroup has asked. Im aware some of these questions may have been asked deep in threads but my searches haven't helped so far. So if your able to weigh in, share house rules, or point me...
  5. Draconic


    Hi Fellow Yakkers i would like to draw on your vast experience with running logistics in an NCE campaign please. So far our play group has had one campaign (thats still barely running). There is no Arbitrator, no rules other than whats in the NCE and OCE, and no end point. It bugs me a bit but...
  6. Draconic

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    Hi Yaktribe! I have been lurking on here since the recent resurgence of Necromunda and my subsequent return to the hobby after 20yrs. I thought i would post up a thread about my current Pit Slave gang project that i have been working on. I know how helpful everyone else's posts and the internet...