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  1. Nevie

    ArchNemisis- the GM Enters the Board

    It seems to me, that while Inquisimunda can be played in a campaign style similar to Necromunda, it also benefits from having an over reaching plot system as well. Such a thing would need someone to manage such a system. Sounds familiar? That's because most of us know or are such a person. I am...
  2. Nevie

    in album uploa picture rotations?

    I don't know if its just my computer giving me hassle or what. but a lot of the time when i try to upload pictures to the albums i have found they automatically rotate to the side so i have to edit them in my photo editor to look correct.
  3. Nevie

    Necromunda Nevie's stuff and stuff Blog

    OK so i am told i should actually have a plog to show what I'm doing in my spare time. expect to wait between posts here because I'm bad about pictures and uploading them. hopefully y'all will kick my butt in gear on it. Because I'm lazy I'll just link my already uploaded pictures here. but...
  4. Nevie

    Scavvy Gang for the New OCE

    Ok so for my next few gangs I want to build a scavvy gang using the rules that are being worked out as they are. Tell me what you think please. Hazard Boys Duke Hazard (total 155 creds) •Extra arm (20 creds) •Shotgun (solid, scatter, Manstopper, Hot Shot) (30 creds altogether)...
  5. Nevie

    Even deepererer underground

    So in another thread the subject of the Short lived and unfinished campaign "Deeper Underground" which can be found. And And so I decided to open this thread in...
  6. Nevie

    Skaven minatures.

    Hey I'm thinking about building a delaque gang using Skaven minatures. But I don't know if the average Clan rat is equivalent to a Ganger and/or guardsman. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  7. Nevie

    Looking for bitz

    I am looking for IG arms. Especially lasguns, also I'm looking for empire miltia legs and bodies.
  8. Nevie

    My new Van Saar gang Hopefully I did the link right. Anyway this is my new Van Saar gang. What do you think?