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    N18 Promoting Psy-Gheists (Delaque)

    This is a lore/theory-craftimg question, but what would the connection be between the Delaque Psy-Gheist and the Master of Shadows, as in do Psy-Gheists rise to become MoS's or are they too "Other" to attain that role? The lore in HoS, while revealing leaves a lot of holes and questions...
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    N18 Strange Fighter Categories

    I love Necromunda and love homebrewing/house ruling but damn if the current incarnation of the game isn't full of reworkings needing to happen!
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    N18 Strange Fighter Categories

    Does anyone find it weird how GW have divided up the gang fighter types? Its almost as if they're trying to force square pegs into round holes. The expansion boxes for each gang (except perhaps Cawdor, they seem a little different but I'm not familiar with them), contain two new fighter types...