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    New models incoming

    I have no problem chasing down vehicles and mounts that I think will work best for a given gang. My Mechanicus counts as Van Saar will happily ride these jet bikes. I am just not looking forward to trying to get rider legs that work for my vision of each gang. Escher crotch rocket legs will be...
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    Punktaku’s Comp Thread

    I like the riot shield. You could always paint the grot’s skin flesh color and you’ve got a cunning Cawdor stig shambler rider forced to throw in his lot with one of the squats he would have happily driven from the hive. “Stay tuned to Hive Vision 3 for the first adventure of ——— and ———— in...
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    MartinWs Cawdor Redemptionists

    Excellent paint jobs. Your book and purity seals look amazing.
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    Necromunda Pagumb's Hobby Plog

    Sometimes I notice conversion potential but I rarely realize it... Other times I double down on a decent idea and rarely follow through. As the sump poet Waxonicus once wrote: Sump sea salvage spheres sit silent seeking shite...
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    August stumbles along...
  6. FYSC22_August-inprog1.jpg


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    Necromunda Stoof's Project Thread

    Looking good. I can imagine spyrers racing out to an ash wastes trading post and then going hunting while the shuttle full of house guards tries to protect their rides until they return.
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    New models incoming

    He did talk a blue streak but then you would too if you were simmering in your own juices. Maybe some sort of psuedo-artistic analysis of the model is needed? "The torso mounted twin heavy flamers represents Brother Olmos fiery love of both Emperor and empire..."
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    Necromunda The ballad of how I lost my mind and decided to paint a ton of stuff

    That’s what the samurai wants you to believe…
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    Scratch building terrain supplies

    Very promising.
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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    At least the psychic ogryn rules are in the free download section (plus more scenarios).
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    What's on your mind?

    Maybe a couple of Reaper miniatures? There are several inn/ bar staff or patron models that might be able to donate a hand to a human female. There is one female vampire with chalice in a slinky dress.
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    New models incoming

    I am sure the heavy plasma axe was developed from the imminently more practical heavy plasma shovel. I just see pit fighters, inquisitorial henchmen, genetically flawed Goliath or possibly slave ogryn juve proxies for deep narrative campaign gaming. First Votaan models I am likely to buy.
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    FYSC July Submissions Thread - Beach edition

    My July finished models include: 4 @spafe Cadet gangers mutant rat Bonnie Annerson special character conversion Mr. Choppy Former corpse grinder/pit fighter turned celebrity slopper, Mr. Choppy has set out on his own to realize a cooking vision that the Sump City Gazette has called "...protein...
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    July finished collage.
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    Necromunda The ClockworkOrange Troll Lol Lol Lol Song

    That time you relabeled that drum of Locke's Begone Epilator Solution and left it backstage at the trolls annual Bouffant Battle Ball...they say there's still a patch of matted orange hair floating out there on the Sump Sea.
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    Necromunda Mad Robot Projects Thread - Releases & Projects

    That’s mostly what I am afraid of. Once I got it working I would run the thing(s) non-stop.
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    Necromunda Mad Robot Projects Thread - Releases & Projects

    It would be the latter plus my lack of follow through, unwillingness to learn new skills and model hoarding tendencies.