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    N18 Asymmetrical Scenarios

    You could use the sub-plots to make games more assymetrical? There are some that are clearly far harder than others - perhaps grade them into easy/hard and then the underdog can choose an easy one, and the opponent chooses a hard one? Or some kind of combination like that? These could be done...
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    N18 [HoC] Gang List

    Only leaders can take overseer as it's a leadership skill (and a waste of a Goliath leader tbh - easier to justify with other gangs where leaders are rubbish). Some people swear by a heavy bolter on a leader - so definitely a valid option. You do want numbers at the start of the campaign, but...
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    N18 [HoC] Gang List

    To be honest the gang list you're going for here is so specialised that there are some obvious weak points - I'd argue it's a pretty fair list, but might take new players a game or two to figure out how to counter it. Not sure what alternative skills would be best for the stimmers to be honest...
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    N18 Cawdor starting List

    To be honest, I've had some fortune with the autogun, or autopole - it's really useful to have something with a bit of range to it, and it'll save you some creds. Other players have always feared my blunderpoles and taken them out first, while my autoguns plink away at the back - often missing...
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    N18 [HoC] Gang List

    That's a really interesting list! Personally I'd say try and have some practice games with it first to figure out if it'll work. How do you see yourself using the smoke? Is it to shield your forge-born to play the scenario? Or give your stimmers somewhere to retreat to? I don't think the...
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    N18 Cawdor starting List

    Just to add what people have said above - I would change your Eviscerator Deacon's skill. Rain of blows is pretty terrible, and you'll rarely use it, if ever. I would instead go with something like Iron Jaw, Step Aside or Unshakable Conviction to give him some added survivability. I do think...
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    N18 Van Saar nerf, lower toughness?

    I'd agree with Squee and suggest that VS are actually very well balanced on the whole. They're great at shooting, but there are ways to counter that. In particular; they don't have access to any basic or special weapons with range greater than 24" at the start (I've been out-sniped on range by...
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    N18 Sustaining Wyrd powers with continuous effect

    The Goonhammer guys suggest making maintain control a free action - which I agree with, and will have in place for any campaigns I arbitrate. This basically solves all of the issues regarding powers with continuous effects - and...
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    N18 Path of the Fanatic (Cawdor HoF)

    1) The article states that the 3D6 is added to the fighter's movement - so in my mind that can be used to carry on moving beyond the gap if you have movement left over. 2) I'd say that you can still attempt a charge that you're unlikely to make; the threshold is 6+ so it's harder than the Move...
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    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in the House of Artifice

    Personally, I suspect the writers didn't think about the interaction between house list and wargear when writing the book - and that they should both come with bodygloves as standard - particularly given the Van Saar lore regarding the absolute necessity for body gloves to protect them...
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    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in the House of Artifice

    Just to add - House Agents don't have armoured bodyglove listed in wargear, and it's not available on the house lists (as everyone starts with one). Does this mean House Agents don't start with one and can't purchase one? As a House Agent for Van Saar one would assume they MUST have one? So...
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    N18 looking for proxy ideas for hanger ons, hive scum, cannibals and hive dwellers in Necromunda Underhive.

    I would add; for cannibals I've seen people make great use of the LOTR goblins: I'd also second the Maelstroms edge broken infantry. If you've got some bits laying about (particularly torsos) you can use the spare legs and arms you get...