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    N18 Delaque piscean spektor

    is getting a psychic Piscean Spektor worth it? If so, what psychic power would be most effective for them?
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    N18 Necromunda campaign - what to buy for delaque

    I have started a campaign with a delaque gang and I am thinking that it would be best to save for the Piscean Spektor ASAP! What are your thoughts on what you should get first? My gang is below:
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    N18 Needle Ways & Sentries Rule

    Right fellow yakkers, help me out here! I am playing a dominion campaign (as Delaque) and have Needle Ways so I am able to infiltrate up to two groups of three after round 1, excellent! HOWEVER, if I am the defender in a Sentries scenario what (of the below) happens: 1. I am able to infiltrate...
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    N18 Delaque Sprue

    Hi Hivers! I'm looking forward to getting the delaque gang box at some point this month, but I reeeaaally want to start making a gang list :-(. I can't see a list for the weapons provided on the sprue anywhere and I was wondering if anyone who already has the gang can let me know what weapons...
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    Question Chaos Cultists in underhive tools

    Hi, I am not sure if this is in the right place, but in the underhive tools the chaos cultists starting weapon options do not seem to match the rulebook? I never got the WD that they were in so I am just using the combined rulebook done by Aarhun. I am not sure which is correct?
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    Van Saar advantaged scenarios

    Hi all Necromundans! I am playing in a long running campaign with my brother and cousin (Escher and Goliath respectively) and I play Van Saar. This weekend we are going to do a full cycle of 4 battles each (we don't get together very often, so we need to make it quite intense!). The issue is...