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    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    Render-izer renders (either in the sense of melting, such as "rendering the fat" OR in the sense of "render inoperable") things. From the Latin "reddere." Rend-ing rends things (to tear apart; "rend asunder"). From the Old German "rendan." It's just English being a grabby language and making...
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    Necromunda Future Gang Release Rumours

    N17 has already done more to mechanically differentiate House gangs from each other than any previous edition. I'm hopeful that they've put some thought into Cawdor vs. Crusaders.
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    Which gangs had new sculpts in N03?

    Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this or if it's easily answered by a link around here. I tried google, but haven't had much luck. Which gangs had Specialist Games resculpts/replacements for '03? I know that Redemptionists and Ratskins did because I've accidentally stumbled across them on...