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    Mutie Chariots

    Good thought, although I haven't really thought about this since I wrote it.
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    GorkaMorka Clan rules - worth playing with?

    Yes, I was. Sorry, my great mistake.
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    GorkaMorka Clan rules - worth playing with?

    There are also Dungers, remember?
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    GorkaMorka Alternative Gorkamorka Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Can confirm, I have a decent amount of the shitty old plastic goliaths.
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    Necromunda myni

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    Comment by 'La'ayiv' in media 'Slaver Cart'

    Amazing! Is the guy in the hood one of Pulp figure's Gasmask Cultists?
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    N18 La’ayiv’s miniature thread

    My attempt at a stig-shambler Other pictures of it and some other guys
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    N18 La’ayiv’s miniature thread

    Forgot I had this thread, added a stormcast eternal to my Redemptionists He's not at my house at the moment because I got the model for a painting contest at my LGS. I won't win (Someone made a stormcast eternal into a chaos space marine, holding a banner and chain axe instead of hammer and...
  9. Stormcast Redemptionist

    Stormcast Redemptionist

    Note the skull with sunburst waterslide transfer. It's from an old Sisters of Battle sheet I inherited.
  10. Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    I gave him a bolt pistol. I think I did it surprisingly well considering my lack of skill or recourses.
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    Project codename GoMoCry

    I'm really interested
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    Deff dread combat game

    Real gladiatorial arenas famously did chariot races and boat fights, both of which can tie your games closer to Gorkamorka's vehicle system. There was also a lot of people fighting animals, so it might be fun to release some wild squigs halfway through the fight.
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    That trukk is amazing. The digga trukks with canopies are really cool to me for some reason.
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    Mobs - How do you build yours?

    I have made a mob with 2 grots, one driving and one with a blunderbuss. I recommend one main vehicle, a trukk or large trakk, and a smaller one of buggy or bike size. The o ly time I haven't mounted a big gun was with my rebel grot Skaven, because I don't have anything to model a catapult. By...
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    Things I noticed having bought the new Redemptionists kit

    So far all I've done is reuse the arms for some squats, put a few heads on Poxwalkers and made a different priest using the body of some d&d miniature (He was a half-orc so it's not too small).
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    GorkaMorka Alternative Gorkamorka Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Some pictures of stuff from the new batch of GW ork stuff: There's some great stuff here: A handful of snortas, an official guy with a kannon, 2 variations of an extremely expensive vehicle kit, the lot. There's 2 new army leaders too. These are a bit hard to sue, but definitely cool models.
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    Necromunda Alternative Necromunda Miniature Sources (image heavy)

    Some of the other stuff on there looks really cool too! There's the bird rider guys, and the little guy in the plague mask might be useful to convert a cawdor stig-shambler if you need to do that.
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    Comment by 'La'ayiv' in media '301018'

    What kit are the Bonnacons based off?
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    Comment by 'La'ayiv' in media 'wp_20200430_23_35_18_pro.jpg'

    This is one of the original necromunda Cawdor redemptionists (A good find!). They are a form of cultists already, but its more a radical imperial sect than chaos.