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  1. JayTee

    N18 Escher House of Blades, early campaign purchase order?

    Just to note this isn't the case, you absolutely can buy any Chem-Alchemy effects without a Chymist they just reduce the cost of any that you buy by D6x10 creds.
  2. JayTee

    N18 Delaque sightblind hidden trap

    It's not clear in the rules, but given that the Initiative check allows you to potentially continue with your previous movement I'd say if it's a fake trap you allow the fighter to continue with their movement. Giving hidden traps 6 'lose your activation unless you pass an initiative check'...
  3. JayTee

    N18 House ty, drawbacks ?

    I can think of a couple of scenarios where you would want to leave them at home (You want to get the XP on your actual gang fighters, you want a lower Crew rating for various effects, you don't want a bloated number of fighters for some scenarios as it gives you opponent more points to score)...
  4. JayTee

    N18 House ty, drawbacks ?

    Poor wording from the non-official source; the forced inclusion of the Onmyodo Coven is a Benefit not a Drawback (Same for the Ministorum Delegation from House Ko'Iron)
  5. JayTee

    N18 Cawdor ruin campaign, need opinions on my First gang!

    Your Firebrand has some Blunderpole ammunition on him that can't be used with his Long rifle. The Medi skull on your Priest is 80creds for a very marginal effect. Remember it only takes effect when he's SIed and trying to recover, it doesn't provide any benefit when you're being hit. Frankly...
  6. JayTee

    N18 Roll a natural 1 on a D3

    That can't be accurate, if anything they've introduced more tables recently: "House Of" Tactics cards tables, 4 extra injury tables for vehicles, 1 extra lasting injury table for crew, 1 extra lasting injury table for vehicles, vehicle repair table, etc.
  7. JayTee

    N18 Goliath Forge-born trading post weapon options?

    There are a handful of things not in the PDF that are part of the "full" Trading post. These are the Corpse Grinder weapons, specialist ammos and wargear from the BoPeril, "Enforcer" armour in the BoRuin, and probably some other random things I'm forgetting. But that'll largely cover it.
  8. JayTee

    N18 Goliath Forge-born trading post weapon options?

    Download the Trading Post pdf from the GW website:
  9. JayTee

    Necromunda The Sump: General hobby venting thread (Beware:grumpy grognards)

    It's also in the free FAQ. Edit: Though it's a bit weird that an FAQ has a bunch of core rules buried in it. FAQ& errata is a poor descriptor for the contents
  10. JayTee

    N18 Ash Wastes Nomads 1000 creds

    The reason Long rifles work with Visibility is nothing to do with their range, but that Visibility means every weapon uses its long range modifier regardless of the actual range. Most weapons have a neutral or a negative to-hit bonus on their long range, except Long rifles and a handful of...
  11. JayTee

    N18 Ash Wastes Nomads 1000 creds

    Your numbers don't add up, the Gangers should be 60+30+10. Unless the long rifles on them are meant to be Blast rifles. Flak armour is a bit of a trap, it's only 5 creds more for Mesh which is almost entirely better. So if you trade in all the Flak you can get 3 sets of Mesh. Leave your Juves...
  12. JayTee

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

    Transport areas are referred to on pg69 of the AW rulebook in the callout box. They are areas that fighters can sit in without needing to pass an Initiative check to avoid falling off when the vehicle moves, similarly loot boxes (and presumably other moveable things) can be stored on there...
  13. JayTee

    N18 First dominion campaign, needs suggestions on upgrade path and model building

    I'd drop the Flak armour. While you can't natively pick up Mesh for Wreckers, Mesh is such a big upgrade over Flak for only 5creds more that you're going to be dumping the Flak on your first post-game session to grab them Mesh at which point you've sunk 20creds for a single game with likely no...
  14. JayTee

    N18 Badzone Enforcers (WD 2022-06)

    Think they're best treated as Juves for the purposes of game effects and advancements. They don't have access to TP/BM weapons, they have generally crap weapon choices (Nothing more expensive than the hilariously trash 2-Handed Hammer), they promote to Gangers, they only have 1 Primary and 2...
  15. JayTee

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

    Another minor inconsistency, though it may be intentional. When creating a Custom vehicle the 'fighter equipment list' equivalent lists 5 items of Body Upgrades that can be bought, however the Trading Post has 6 items of 'Common' Body Upgrades so you can't buy a Transport Cage (Small) at Gang...
  16. JayTee

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

    Given that we've got precedent from Vorgen Mortz, and that the movement debuff from Heavy Carapace is situational, the logical conclusion is that the stats presented are the base stats before any modifier. On Loboslaves & NoS, the way I think it works is thus: 1. Hit by a ranged attack 2...
  17. JayTee

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in Book of Outlands (Nomads & Squats)

    First head-scratcher for me is the "Born to the wastes" skill which has two effects. The first ignores Battlefield surface effects (Fine), the second allows the owner to use the skymantle to hide even in non-wasteland scenarios. However, the skymantle in the AWN pamphlet and in the BoOutlands...
  18. JayTee

    N18 Badzone Enforcers (WD 2022-06)

    I like: Additional thematic weapon choices (Autoguns, webguns, Flamers (lol), heavy stubbers) Additional thematic wargear (Field armour, photo goggles) Dropping mandatory armour and stubguns makes building the gang out better Thematic addition of deputised Hive Scum Removal of the weird-to-grok...
  19. JayTee

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in N22 Rulebook (Ash Wastes)

    I'd missed this entirely but they've changed/clarified Line of Sight as to be within Vision Arc only. While I'm glad they've clarified, the wording is super-unfortunate. It is: "If a straight uninterrupted line can be drawn from within the first model's vision arc to any part of the other...
  20. JayTee

    N18 Outcast Campaign Defences

    Minefields are a settlement building benefit (pg 85) and the automated just means the booby traps provided by this will be set off by anyone. The other Defences, except for Critters, have no relevance for being "automated" so ignore that bit. I guess there could well have been plans to have the...