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  1. capitan

    Bug Player Map

    It seems for me at least that everyone has vanished from the awesome player map – I checked in safari and chrome and I'm just getting a blank map – anyone else able to see people still? Cheers
  2. capitan

    W: escher juve with stub gun and pick

    Don't suppose anyone in the UK has a spare? If so, I've got some bits to trade or can do money instead
  3. capitan

    Wanted - chewed up karloth

    Nobody has an old mangled karloth, do they? All I want is the little winged thing on the end of his staff. If you have, let me know what you want in return.
  4. capitan

    Necromunda Yaktribe Necromonicon

    capitan submitted a new resource: Yaktribe Necromunda Sourcebook - Sampler - A (low-res) early sampler of the upcoming painting and modelling inspiration book Read more about this resource...
  5. capitan

    Laser cutters

    Hi all, don't think I've ever seen it discussed on here before - does anyone have any experience with 'home' laser cutters? I've been looking at laser cut/engraved terrain for a while now and I've just realised it seems expensive when you compare it to the cost of a home laser cutter. Has...
  6. capitan

    H: Cawdor, W: goliath

    I've got the boxed Cawdor gang (without the box!) that I'd like to trade for old style goliaths - it'd be good to do it in as little trades as possible - ideally one if anyone fancies a straight swap? UK ideally to keep postage costs to a minimum too.
  7. capitan

    Anyone a keen painter?

    I've got quite a few gangs now and if I'm honest with myself, I'll never get the chance to play with them all, so I've decided to 'consolidate' my collection. I know the question has been asked before but is there anyone out there who is a fairly good painter who would be able to match the style...
  8. capitan

    What is a fair price for weapons from the multipart gangs?

    Hi, I got loads of extra 'Munda weapons from the new gangs sets in a lot that I paid way too much for on eBay. Looking to recoup some cash to keep my old lady off my back - what is a fair price for Munda bits? I mean, I want some money for them, but I don't want to go all alexchattaway and...
  9. capitan

    H: Escher, goliath, van Saar & Bratts

    EDIT: all gone, bar a few goliaths (couldn't work out how to delete a thread entirely, sorry)
  10. capitan

    Necromunda Weathered Necromunda Hazard Stripes for scenery

    capitan submitted a new resource: Weathered Necromunda Hazard Stripes for scenery - A4 sheet of weathered hazard stripes designed for scenery. Read more about this resource...
  11. capitan

    Necromunda More posters for Necromunda scenery

    capitan submitted a new resource: More posters for Necromunda scenery - More posters and signage for scenery collected from t'net and crammed onto an A4, ready to print Read more about this resource...
  12. capitan

    H: Old Metal Goliaths – W:Escher/Goliaths/Offers – UK

    Hi, I've got 7 spare metal goliaths (see Photo). I'll probably strip them next time I do a batch btw, but happy to send them as is if preferred. I'm specifically after 2 escher models: Autogun only (not the one with the stub gun) and the bolt pistol and grenade model. I'm also after any of the...
  13. capitan

    Capitan's Necromunda

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time(ish) poster. Got back into the hobby after a 15 year absence due to a chance chat down the pub and started a little blog on dakka last year as a result. Got as far as the initial painting of my esher gang and then got sidetracked by other things, then...
  14. capitan

    H: Rat skins and dark vengeance cultists W:WHY

    Hi all. I've got 9 dark vengeance cultists still on sprue that are left over from an ebay purchase to build a cultist gang (4x hand to hand and 4 ranged, plus a heavy with a flamer) and I've also got 5 ratskin renegades (1 of which is a leader model I think) but 2 look like someone has started...
  15. capitan

    H: Escher inc. conversions W: escher or surprise me!

    Hi all. I picked up this little lot on ebay as part of a larger package and they are surplus to requirements. 4 are conversions (2 of which are witch elves) and they are all lightly dusted with undercoated black spray by the looks of things. They also feature some nice tech scrap bases that I...