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  1. scavvyjay

    Question Can't embed instagram pics

    Hi, tried to imbed instagram pics but it won't let me, keeps coming up with "specified url cannot be embedded as media". What am I doing wrong?
  2. scavvyjay

    My foray back into 40K 8th Edition

    Hi there as my Inquisimunda games have abated for a while (mainly due to 40K arriving and my gaming group jumping in) I've been writing some batreps for them. As I've received some great feedback from my Inquisimunda thread I've decided to inflict my slightly larger scale battle on here as well...
  3. scavvyjay

    Wyrd Powers and hiding

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a definitive answer in the rule book, but can a hidden model use his wyrd power and remain hidden? At the moment we play it as no, but there are some powers that I think the answer should be yes. I'm using NCE and Inquisimunda rules. Cheers.
  4. scavvyjay

    Necromunda what to buy?

    I've recently sold some stuff on ebay and i've decided to buy some terrain (I know i can make it but it's a time thing) so i was wondering if some of the good people on here have any advice. Mantic Urban? mantic industrial? mantic ruins? Or GW imperial sector? I have a goodly...
  5. scavvyjay

    Bug Can't add equipment

    So I've decided to add my inquisimunda gangs to my new campaign and after creating about 10 different ganger types Purestrain genestealer, interrogator, Brood Brother etc, i've added new Wyrd Powers, Territories etc, but when I edit the individual gangers i can't add equipment, i get this image...
  6. scavvyjay

    Scavengers & Loot

    Hi all, Just a quick question, when a gang bottles out in a scavengers scenario, what happens to the loot carried by the gang members who bottle? Do they drop the loot counters as they bottle or take them with them. I was reading the book and I can find not definitive answer. Thanks for any...
  7. scavvyjay

    Converting Hired Guns

    As there are a few gangs that can convert members of other gangs Redemptionists, chaos Covens, Void Pirates etc, I was wondering what happens if a hired gun is captured and forced into a gang? What is the cost and exp of the model and do they start gaining exp again once they're back in a gang...
  8. scavvyjay

    Subversion and Investigation, use it much?

    As the thread title suggests, I was wondering if many people get much use out of the subversion or investigation rolls during the game? I've had about 7 or 8 games and only remembered use them twice with lacklustre results. I tried an investigation roll to give my purestrain sprint but failed...
  9. scavvyjay

    Getting Outlawed in Imunda

    Just wondering how many (if any) use the Outlawing mechanic from Necromunda in their Inquisimunda games. I was thinking to myself that if a warband loses 4 out of 5 territories and are reduced to scavenging then it doesn't sit well with certain groups, Nobilist Factions and Inquisition Cells...
  10. scavvyjay

    Mutant Mobs Mutation Revision

    Rather than dilute the Mutant Mobs revision thread, I've started a new thread dedicated to a more expansive mutant list. I've put it on Google Docs and hopefully the link will work and everything will be cool and froody. Discus.
  11. scavvyjay

    Ork fortress Instruksions?

    I was digging around in my loft and found (what I hope is anyway) a complete fortess for gorkamorka. Now I can't find any instructions to build it, can anyone help, or point me towards the assembly instructions somewhere? thanks in advance.
  12. scavvyjay

    Inquisimunda Battle Report Thread

    Skullduggery in The Underhive! I have written a battle report on my blog of a game I played last week with my Inquisitor Cell against Void Pirates. here is the link: I hope you find it an enjoyable read.
  13. scavvyjay

    Inquisimuda Gaming section?

    Had my first game of ][munda last Wednesday and it was cool, I was hoping to pt my gang up as per my Slag Valley Campaign in the gaming section, so I was wondering is there any plans in the pipeline to expand the Necromunda options to allow for all the possible permutations that are available in...
  14. scavvyjay

    New Turf

    Here's a scenario I found on Eastern Fringe Forums, I really like the idea behind it and I thought I'd share it over here (as there seems to be much more traffic). The original poster is shiver85 but I couldn't find that username on here so I assume he's not here or changed username. In either...
  15. scavvyjay

    A question of scale.

    What is the ideal scale for vehicles for GM? I'm looking at Heller vehicle kits and I'd like some experienced modelers input on what is the ideal scale for kit-bashing etc... 1:72 or 1:35 or even some other scale I haven't considered? Thanks in advance.
  16. scavvyjay

    Possible Stryxis for ][munda?

    Just these on the mantic website, they look quite a lot like how I imagine Stryxis would look.
  17. scavvyjay

    Some Esher on ebay

    I just put a few Esher on ebay and not for redonkulous money either!
  18. scavvyjay

    Slag Valley Campaign

    This is the thread for a campaign we're running in Slag Valley. The settlement is blessed with it's own newspaper : . Depending on how vocal my fellow campaign-mates are this could be quite a quiet thread.:oops:
  19. scavvyjay

    Some new territories

    I've written up some new territories for the game here and I would like your opinions, they are intended as campaign rewards for gangs, preferably in Arbitrator games. Thanks for looking.
  20. scavvyjay

    My long list of mutations

    As a long time Necromunda player & predating Necromunda, Rogue Trader, I have long been disappointed with the very limited number of mutations for my scavvy gangs. So consulting my trusty old Rogue Trader rulebook, a few other sources too I have written a long list of mutations here. As I'm in...