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  1. Mad Robot

    Requiem - Skirmish Battles in the Post Apocalypse

    Hey folks, I hope your weekend has been a good one. I have been developing a post apoc skirmish game over the last year or so and I thought I would seek out some opinions from the Yaktribe. I'll post questions here from time to time looking for your opinions on things, all I ask is that you give...
  2. Mad Robot

    Community Project #3 - Civilians/Non-Combatants - Concepts and Details

    So the basic premise on this project is that we can make 2 or 3 civilian models, as long as we keep them as one piece. No alt heads or hands, or anything like that. As before, feel free to post inspiration pics or your own sketches, whatever you feel will help demonstrate your ideas. I am...
  3. Mad Robot

    Yaktribe Community Project #3 - Brainstorming & Discussion

    The community projects I sponsor will be different from here on out. I would much prefer them happening organically from some discussion & back and forth. If somebody on Yaktribe thinks of an idea, post it here and you all mull it over for a while before I get involved. That way, community...
  4. Mad Robot

    Yaktribe Community Project #2 - Archeotech Hunter

    So there it is...Archeotech underhive Indiana Jones...woohoo! OK folks, time to focus on the winner. Thanks to all who voted, I hope you will continue to contribute even if your choices didn't get the win ;) Archeotech Hunter/Huntress Idea List -Indiana Jones(IJ) style hat and...
  5. Mad Robot

    Yaktribe Community Project #2 - Voting

    Archeotech Hunter/Huntress Idea List -Indiana Jones(IJ) style hat and whip/power whip/nano whip -"Jayne Cobb" Knitted Hat -more 19th century/Wild West/sci-fi; flaring frock coat, long boots, hat and whip -Detection gear -Y-shaped, techy, divining rod -Satchel with gubbins attached -Extra pack...
  6. Mad Robot

    Yaktribe Community Project #1 - Guilder Figure

    In order to keep things easy to follow, I've decided to start a new thread for this project. In our quest to find and appropriate Guilder mini, I've decided to start up this community project so we can put our collective heads together and make one...or maybe a few. We'll take suggestions from...
  7. Mad Robot

    Fan Art Resources

    Anyone know of any good resources for NC inspired fan art? I am looking for some inspiration for space police and I know there are some great artists out there that have tackled that subject ;)
  8. Mad Robot

    Conversion Parts - Open Discussion

    Hey folks, I'm fishing for some input from you on what kind of parts you'd like to see available for converting. I do have another thread on Yaktribe but it's more centered on NC. To his credit, the wise and powerful @Blood Donor suggested I put this thread here, in order to keep it focused...
  9. Mad Robot

    Necromunda Is there an app for that?

    Has anyone ever tried making a gang management app? Anyone here interested in trying?
  10. Mad Robot

    Necromunda Weapon Ideas?

    Hello, hope I'm not breaking rules here but I recently found this forum and I am looking for input on new products to create. I am currently working on some new hand/weapon combos, specifically hand flamers and some random hand weapons(wrenches, pipes, etc.) If you guys have any suggestions...