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    N18 Crew Size

    When a scenario call for Random Selection (D3+7) for example, does each player roll separately or is it one roll for both, the rulebook isn’t clear. What do you do?
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    N18 Power Weapon Vs Sabotage Target

    In a Sabotage mission, when attacking the target in close combat your fighter hit automatically. Does this mean that the Power Trait is unable to take effect (if the hit roll for a Power weapon is a 6, no save roll can be made against the attack and its Damage is increased by 1). As written I...
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    N18 What do you buy after your first few games?

    Do you upgrade weapons and armour either from your hwl or the trading post or start saving for bigger items/guns or keep a nest egg to replace fighters?
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    N18 Settlement free Juve Vs gang composition

    If I have a gang comprised of 1 Leader, 2 Champions, 2 Juves and 5 Gangers. After my first game I get a free Juve from my settlement, but can't buy another ganger, what happens to the free Juve, do I get to keep it or am I unable to recruit it? As it says 'the gang may recruit' under the...
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    Question Need help adding friends

    Am i being dumb? I can't figure out how to add someone as a friend, I've 'followed' my IRL friends, but can't see an option to add them as a friend. The Campaign Manager Q&A says "You can look up their profile on the forums then select their Yak Tools tab which will list their Necromunda gangs...
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    Bug Grenade Launcher (Subjugator) displaying wrong

    In the gang creator, the Grenade Launcher (Subjugator) is showing up as wargear, not under the weapon profile. Is this just me?