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  1. Kommissar Shriken

    Shriken is printing 3D mordheim-terrain, 40k stuff and more (REPORT with lots of pics)

    Hello Yakkers! in this thread i want you to show my experience and prints with my new 3D printer. Santa Claus brought a fantastic maschine and since christmas it works about 24h daily :) . Printer: The printer is a Anycubic 4 max pro printer. without any upgrades. directly out of the box. i...
  2. Kommissar Shriken

    Mordheim my Mordheim project /ALSO Yak-Comp. 31 Flying Temple

    Hello yakkers, My local tabletop club has started a mordheim campaign and this was a great chance for me to go into the cellar dungeon of my parents and search for my old mordheim minis. I found all my mercenaries, witchhunters and paper buildings. So it was time to repaint a warband and get...
  3. Kommissar Shriken

    GorkaMorka Shriken makes GorkaMorka restoration, conversions, paint and moahhhrrrr

    Hey yakkers! because i started playing gorkamorka again (never played it for about 20 years) i drove to my parents and comb through the attic to find my old gorkamorka stuff. and look what i found: thats a big bunch of great memories and a lot of work, because i want to bring back the glory of...
  4. Kommissar Shriken

    First game since more than 10 years and need feedback for the mob

    Hello Gorkamorka -Players! tomorrow (thursday) i have my first tabletop-game since more than 10 years... and its fate, because its the really first tabletop-game i played in 1997: Gorkamorka. So i am super nervous and want to show you the mob i want to play... absolutely no idea if that will...
  5. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda 20.000 leagues under the hive

    Hey guys, Any ideas where i get diver helmet heads? I want to make a water "subnautica" gang. based on genestealer cult torso and some cool loojing diver heads in style of the old diver helmets. Any idea where i find those heads?
  6. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Hänsel and Gretel Witchhunter comp. Entry

    Hey guys, Today i started with hänsel and Gretel Witchhunter. This is the first pic...
  7. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Yak comp 25: The thing from the sump

    Hey guys, I start here with my yak 25 competition entry: the thing from the sump So here we go...
  8. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Shriken's YAK #24 Entry: the stratocoach

    Hello guy's! ok i think its time for starting with my entry for the 24th competition! OH JEAH! I LOVE COMPETITION'S! ;) so thiis time, the competition is lean against the yakday 2018.... ok you know i'm to far away to visit you, but thats not a excuse for me, not to make a ash-waste...
  9. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Stormcast Bountyhunter Gang

    Good morning yakkers! last week i bought a cheap box with some stormcast eternals (sigmarines) and i really like this big guy's! but they need a conversion for necromunda! i wanted to show you what i made from them: INTRO: The holy (but little crazy) Sigmar wanted to support their troops...
  10. Kommissar Shriken

    N17 Comp #23. Shriken's Kitty!

    Hey Yakkers! this is the start of my comp-entry ---- or probably comp entries? not sure how much i can finish till the deadline. but first i want to start with a cool crocodile-dinosaur-mutant-saurian-pet for my Goliath N17 "NO MA'AM"-Gang.... i really like the forgeworld croco.. so I'm...
  11. Kommissar Shriken

    Bare arms fitting for space marines and more?

    Good morning yakker's! not sure if this is the right place, but do you have an idea/tip where i get good fitting "bare arms" fitting for space marines/ space marine primaris .... or should i better say "space marine torso's" ? Its not easy to find good fitting arms in a "perfect" scale... i...
  12. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Shriken's Chief Frankenstein Genemaster Comp.22

    Good morning yakker's! thousand of years ago chief Frankenstein was a Master of the Apothecarion for a unknown space marine chapter. after excommunication he joined the red corsairs and lufgt huron himself authorised him to find a solution for the gene-seed problem from the traitor legions...
  13. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Shriken's "Mad Mork -Fury Dust" Comp.22 Entry

    Good morning yakker's! with a lot of pleasure i saw this morning the start of the 22th Yak.Competition: I was really really waiting for the go! So i also will give my best to make a new cool gorka-morka -gang with colonel "Immortan Joe" and some of his warboyz! Backround: for those who...
  14. Kommissar Shriken

    N17 Shrikens new Goliaths

    Good Morning Yakker's! the last weeks i was totaly busy with my comp-entry's and just squinted to the goliath-sprue on the side while making the container and the roll-stamper. yesterday evening i had a little bit time to have a look at the details from the new goliath and im not so pleased...
  15. Kommissar Shriken

    N17 Shriken's Mad Robot- Comp. -Entry

    Goooood Morning Yak's! Ah finally a new competition and a good reason to do something for my hobby. But the rules are hard: No use of bits from GW or other tabletopfactories and i normaly just working with those parts and modivy it in "shriken style"... and the size isn't really big... so...
  16. Kommissar Shriken

    GorkaMorka Shriken's YAK20 - Entry Digganob's on its way

    Goooood morning Yaktrib'er ! this time i'm a little bit late with my entry. i started yesterday with the painting of my big selfmade truck. just not sure with the colour of the wheel-rim .. any ideas ? i also bought a very cool mini on ebay.. a khorne "exalted deathbringer" with...
  17. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Shriken's - YAK19 BitsBox-Entry

    Hello and goooood morning Underhiver! the new YakComp19 started and i want to make the best of it: Because of the new Shadow War -Armageddon-Hype i want to make KillTeam. The YakComp is a good Motivation to finish it! So lets have a look what i have in my BitsBox(es)... this is the bits...
  18. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Despicable in da hive "the Minion Gang" - YAK Comp18

    Hello Guys. I'm so happy to join this Yak-Competition. I bought before some weeks a Box with an Ork Slaver and some Rebel-Grots. And i always wanted to make so unique conversion from them. So this is the perfect time to do this. And thats the topic: Minions in Necromunda. But not this cute...
  19. Kommissar Shriken

    painting hot glowing Armors

    Hello and goood morning. because i have no Updates from weekend in my necromunda-thread for you ... i want you to show an older project again, i made bevore a view years (befor my son was born i had a loooooot of time for my hobby and a lot of practice :ROFLMAO:)... today i dont think i could...
  20. Kommissar Shriken

    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Hello Guys, Focus Interactive announced the Necromunda PC- Game. It will be like the Mordheim- PC-Version. Look: