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  1. Chitriel

    N18 House of Chains (general discussion)

    Isn’t the ranged weapon pretty much identical to the Goliath grenade launcher though? All we can see from the current picture is the following: The weapon is underslung on the forearm Clear(ish) view of the weapons barrel The weapon is belt fed from drum magazines on the back Regarding the...
  2. Chitriel

    N18 New Cawdor player, looking for help!

    I would skip the backup weapons on the Champions. The starting credits are better spent on better weapons or more bodies. For a starting gang I would also lean more towards ranged weapons for gangers. It's tough getting in to close combat, so the best starting option is going ranged. You can...
  3. Chitriel

    Your Opinions on Juves? Juve Tactics Discussion

    Juves go directly from Juve to Champion. So there is no need for them to be Specialists. Edit: Just to elaborate: A Juve who has five or more advances is automatically promoted to a Champion during the next downtime. After being promoted to at Champion the ex-Juve counts as a Champion in all...
  4. Chitriel

    N18 Corpse Grinders Cult speculation/discussion

    Initiates seem incredibly good. From the how to play Dark Uprising we know their complete profile and can calculate their cost. An Initiate armed with a butcher’s cleaver (25 credits) and autopistol (10 credits) cost 60 credits, meaning the base Initiate equipped with flak armour and an...
  5. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    Okay, Inititates are officially Juves. Although I am still a bit iffy on what exactly defines a Juve. The criteria for a House Gang Juve seems to be: Juve specific advancement Fills the same gang composition slots as Champions Can be recruited via the Settlement territory Can be equipped with...
  6. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    The sprues seem rather poorly designed no matter how you view it. The four possible builds for the Initiates is still one more build than the three possible builds for Butchers/Cutters/Skinners. Two very similar bodies for Initiates is now worse than three similar bodies combines for...
  7. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    @Petitioner’s City Yes that is true, I missed that. But in regards to the Settlement Enforcer Rookies are also made equivalent to Juves and they are subject to none of the normal Juves restrictions. Edit: Chaos Cult Gangs also receive Helot Cultists from Settlements, this does not make them...
  8. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    True. But I would argue that the pattern was already broken by the Enforcers with them having: 2 Leader equivalent options 2 Champion equivalent options 2 Ganger equivalent options And Juves equivalents that function uniquely compared to any other Juves (they don’t have weapon restrictions...
  9. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    But no one has ever officially mentioned Initiates as equivalent with Juves. The Initiate = Juve comparison is purely made up by forums like this based on the first revealed pictures. The only things we know about Initiates are these: Initiates are the only CGC members that can use ranged...
  10. Chitriel

    N18 Question about Hive Scum Dramatis Personae and the Fighing Pit

    All the new Outlaw Dramatis Personae in Book of Judgement are also classified as Hive Scum. So if an Outlawed gang has the Fighting Pits they also will have access to: Cor ‘Two-Guns’ Coran (120 credits) Estus Jet (130 credits) Gaen ‘The Gunk Queen’ Gorvos (150 credits) Jonny Razor (125 credits)...
  11. Chitriel

    N18 WYSIWYG Exemption List

    Aren’t Delaque getting the short end of the stick? Since Digilasers aren’t required to be represented on any model? They are just rings, buttons and small trinkets after all, and these can be found on any model. Other than that I think it’s a good idea. In our group we are going with the...
  12. Chitriel

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The Book of Judgement

    Only saw the stiletto knife hit modifier and throwing knife lack of Silent mentioned. But of course the Strength value issue is also fixed by using the stats from Gangs of the Underhive. Yes it would appear that maybe this book is written with different Toxin and Gas rules in mind. Gas Shells...
  13. Chitriel

    N18 Collected Errors/Typos in The Book of Judgement

    I don’t see this mentioned yet. But all listed weapons with the Toxin trait also have a Strength value and some have a Damage value listed as well. This is redundant since Toxin weapons don’t make wound rolls nor cause damage. This error is listed on the following pages: Page 87. Throwing...
  14. Chitriel

    N18 Are champions heavys in the gang manager??

    Which gang are you trying to create? All the ones I've seen have Champions. Juves can't have sawn off shotguns since they are basic weapons and juves can only have pistols and close combat weapons
  15. Chitriel

    N18 Digi Weapons

    Digi weapons have a weapon profile. The attacks have Strength 1, Damage 1 and Versatile (3")
  16. Chitriel

    N18 Book of Judgement discsussion

    I think the general consensus is that the Bosun and the Void Born Scum have had their profiles switched around. Two of the listed statlines in a shore party seem rather overpowered, and fluffwise Void Born are almost exclusively described as physically very weak (an effect of being born and...
  17. Chitriel

    N18 Free armor and costs associated *spawn

    They did not do any pre/post game stuff in any of the 3-4 games I’ve seen on Twitch. I might also add that in these 3-4 games I’ve watched they were generally very bad at following the rules. Especially skills and weapon traits are frequently messed up. In the into game for Cawdor for example...
  18. Chitriel

    N18 Free armor and costs associated *spawn

    No one ever said that the Orlock and Escher lines should have the same rating. What was said was that the two Orlock lines should have the same rating, and separately the two Escher lines should have the same rating. Saying that 1 Orlock Ganger with mesh armour + 1 Orlock Juve with flak armour...
  19. Chitriel

    Necromunda The Sump: An N17/N18 venting thread

    These limited edition card runs are getting tiresome… I’m a diehard Necomunda fan, and a completionist. So obviously I sat spamming the refresh button in order to get all my pre-orders though last Saturday. Everything went well and I pre-ordered one of everything for Necromunda, as I always do...
  20. Chitriel

    New models incoming

    Unless you house rule it you can’t remove their stub gun, So they are stuck with it. You will be able to make alternate fighter cards for Captains and Sergeants where they don’t use the stub gun however.