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    N18 Dominion - How to issue challenges?

    Hi! Our group is soon to start a Dominion Campaign and we’re not too sure how to deal with Challenges. The first game will be an arbitrated scenario with a random player over a random Territory, a case of following a lead and finding someone else there. After that though we’re a bit stuck...
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    N18 Starting Ambots?

    Can you start a campaign with an Ambot (or other Brute) in your starting gang? Hangers-on and Brutes are hired in the Update Roster step of the Post Battle Sequence so I figure you probably can't but I was wondering if I had missed a line anywhere allowing it? Cheers!
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    N18 Cawdor list: Knights needing feedback!

    Hello! I’m looking for feedback on my first draft Cawdor list if you could spare a minute. Thematically they’re a bunch of Zealots that model themselves after the wandering Knights of yore, heading across the land doing “good”, cleansing the...
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    N18 Raise the alarm - Now what?

    Hi everyone, I was looking for some help with how Sentries play. I’m ok with how sentries activate, move and spot. I’m just confused on what happens once the Alarm has been raised. In our game today one Sentry had a Ready counter when it was the defender’s turn to activate, so the alarm was...
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    Infiltrate experiences?

    Hi! I’m wondering how effective people have found Infiltrate to be? I’m building a Chaos Cult gang and with the ease they can recruit Champions I thought it could be fun to go big on Infiltraters. Two with flamers to begin with, the investing in heavy stubbers and grenade launchers further...
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    Are Van Saar gangs fun to play?

    Hello! Simple question really, are Van Saar gangs fun to play? I’ve seen that they’re strong. High BS, cheap combi plas, undersuits and hwl suspensors all add up to a strong competitive gang. But are they fun to play? As an Orlock player with no real gimmicks going on, wins feel pretty much...
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    Toxin and Ambots

    Hi, just a quick question. In the YAQ it mentions that Toxin doesn’t work against inorganic targets like Walls. Is this meant to include robots like the Ambot and Cyberachnid?