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    What major problems exist in each edition?

    Disclaimer: I'm not looking for crapping on any edition. I'm also not looking for rants. I mentioned that I've been contemplating trying to make a sort of Frankenstein version of 40k. There are elements of 2nd edition that I just can't let go, and some of these have shown back up in recent...
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    2nd Edition: Anyone ever math-out point costs?

    I've been picking at 2nd edition for a while now very slowly. I've been wanting to recompile the rules as well as add in some of the newer models that never had rules. While some units are easy enough (take X squad and change their wargear options, or take Y squad and give the Z's stats), I'm...
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    Am I the only one that doesn't like NCE?

    Now that Anthony Case's Community Edition has been out for a while, it seems that most people are swearing by it. It seems like I'm among a handful of people who don't use it and don't like it. What's up with that? Let me explain my stance. I got into Necromunda pretty hard when the Hardcover...