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  1. DarkMouse

    Progress of the DarkMouse

    First blog thread here, here's hoping it's a good one. Here's a picture of what's started for the Yakcomp.
  2. DarkMouse

    N18 Goliath Progression

    So to start this off this here is my current gang after 2 games in a local Dominion campaign, I've got creds to spend and a half decent rarity roll and I've got it down to a couple choices, do I get 4 undersuits to give me even...
  3. DarkMouse

    Selling 2009 Edition of Space Hulk boxed game.

    Hey all I'm having a clear out of my old boxed games and came across my old space Hulk box, it's got all its original bits and none of the models are painted. There's a little wear on some tiles but everything is in good shape. For postage purposes I'd prefer collection if you're relatively...
  4. DarkMouse

    Bath Turf Wars

    Had the (belated) idea that I could put up some reports from my mini campaign with my Girlfriend @SpiritWolf so far we've done 3 games and our first cycle is nearing completion! I'm gunna give a basic rundown of our first few games from the view of the Supa Smash Broz and then will put up...
  5. DarkMouse

    Darknwss' project room

    Soo I'm in need of making a thread for the comp and decided I may as well put up any spare projects I get going on the side too :) that being said here is my first Wip for the Here kitty kitty comp my Mandragoran Narvhal! Narvhal on a stick by DarkNwss posted Apr 1, 2018 at 5:36 PM
  6. DarkMouse

    Displacement and overwatch

    So a situation regarding overwatch which I think is interesting, you have a fighter on overwatch who gets 'charged' by a model under the effect of the displacement wyrd power, can the charged model make its overwatch shot (kinda like an 'oh sh**' moment) or is it wasted overwatch?
  7. DarkMouse

    New Spyrer - Alucinari

    Hi all, first post in here with an idea for a new Spyrer in mind. This is now draft 3 of the Alucinari, feedback is as ever most appreciated :) Terriculum added as a drug. With that said here is the Alucinari The Alucinari is piloted by those that find straight up murder to kind and quick ad...