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  1. BeardLegend

    TribeMeet UK 2018

    Have the fun doods and dood-oids. @spafe - highly unlikely but watch this space. How many folks are signed up?
  2. BeardLegend

    Necromunda themed tv/movies

    I love this film ...
  3. BeardLegend

    Necromunda themed tv/movies

    Speaking specifically to BTiLC, John Carpenter wanted to make an American Martial Arts film and tried to make "Wang" the lead. The studio bosses didn't like that. Fearing that American audiences wouldn't buy a film without a traditional American Lead. Enter ... Jack Burton. A "hero" who shares...
  4. BeardLegend

    Necromunda themed tv/movies

    "Give it your best shot, pal. I can take it."
  5. BeardLegend

    NCE Gang Rating: Credits and Stash

    When an ambiguous argument tickles your fancy ... ... but you have not fared well in such previous arguments ... ... and walk away leaving much unsaid ... ... that is the smell of the BeardLegend.
  6. BeardLegend

    N17 New official Necromunda in 2017 !

    My token post in the fastest, most frenzied thread in the history of the Yak ...
  7. BeardLegend

    Bug Pre update Gangs & Rulesets

    Yeah dude. Go to Menu. Go to Main. Go to Necromunda tools. Go to Settings. There will be a list of the available rulesets. Click the one you want.
  8. BeardLegend

    Bug Skills advances for custom gangs.

    This is good. Are custom items/gangers hidden from people who share campaigns now? I had a multitude of custom weapons/gangers listed as options for my gang from other yakkers that I have played with. My favourite example was from a custom 'stealer cult gang created by ineptmule, whose...
  9. BeardLegend

    Xmas Mini Exchange 2017

    I paint thing for random Yak.
  10. BeardLegend

    Generate your weapon name!

    Thermic Storm. Perfect for reheating cold coffee ...
  11. BeardLegend

    Necromunda If you could join a gang...

    I am actually an Orlock. This was easy. Ferocity is my main skill table. I'm not big or feminine, am only marginally subtle, not particularly faithful or techy but I like machinery, manual labour and things that go boom. If you gave an Orlock ganger: sprint, true grit, iron will, NoS and...
  12. BeardLegend

    The YAKBAP!

    I'm seeing a lot of chatter and not enough YAKBAPS!!! Chinese this weekend then ...
  13. BeardLegend

    Introducing the new

    I like the colour too. Yellow and Black here ftw ... ... nice one Chief. You are appreciated.
  14. BeardLegend

    Necromunda A challenge

    Could you have a smaller one and encase it in a translucent plastic globe?
  15. BeardLegend

    Ratskins - quantity or quality? + Outlaw Scenarios

    Is good. I like. Would take shotgun on leader though, for his shooting will be best for knocking fools out of cover.
  16. BeardLegend

    Yakday 2017 Announcements

    Remarkably convenient then that we have no evidence other than your word that; A) You engaged in rigorous excercise. B) You did so for laudable reasons. C) You did so with remarkable powers of political awareness and satire. D) You have a decent excuse for not coming to the great Yak gathering...
  17. BeardLegend

    Yakday 2017 Announcements

    Hmmm ... where might i buy a t-shirt please?
  18. BeardLegend

    Yakday 2017 Announcements

    Yo. Discount me regarding the competition. I definitely didn't win. Mostly I drank beer and was eaten by rats. :D
  19. BeardLegend

    NCE Community Edition

    Regarding Bounty Hunters and capture: I have always assumed that the normal rules for allowing the gang who lost the fighter to have a choice to at least attempt rescue. This would indicate that there is at least time to work the exchange. But then the Bounty Hunter capture seems to take...