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  1. Malo

    Bug Yak not adding Reputation Territory Boons

    There's currently no mechanism for territories to increase reputation automatically. It's something I could implement but it would also require a rep breakdown as I would be modifying something that is currently completely manual and thus needs an audit system.
  2. Malo

    Suggestion Dice bot in discord

    With the new forum version I haven't integrated Discord easily yet. Yes we have a Discord and I can certainly invite anyone to it manually for now. I can look at adding a dice bot to Discord but note that the new chat system here on the forum has a rolling function already :) Click the life...
  3. Malo

    Rob's Random PLog

    Did you figure out how to rotate or did you upload new versions? You can edit the images in the Gallery and perform several different functions including rotation and cropping.
  4. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    I'm adding the insane number of new ammo types of Book of Peril into the tools. Do we want all the various ammo for weapons in its own dedicated section? Or simply added to the associated weapon's section like it is currently? As it is now it's going to add a lot of entries into the weapon sections.
  5. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    This is fixed, thanks. Aware of this, thank you. It's on my list of things to fix. This can be achieved for your group with the "Slaver" status which effectively removes them from the list of active fighters. Since this is outside the normal rules, I'd rather not confuse any users and keep to...
  6. Malo

    NCE Necromunda Community Edition

    It should be the LRB version from Fanatic Online.
  7. Malo

    Bug How to delete my own media?

    Was a permissions kerfuffle. The new Unlimited/0 minutes behavior. Try again now.
  8. Malo

    Comment by 'Malo' in media 'MVIMG_20190611_062706 - RIP.jpg'

    haha I like your image updates for your unfortunate fighters.
  9. Malo

    N18 Difference between voluntarily bottling and failing a bottle test then fleeing?

    We play voluntary bottling as #2 as generally you're deciding to get the F out of town at that point. And #1 seems more like a "soft" bottle where you're voluntarily bottling but seeing how your gangers fare with some more combat? Take out a few with you or try for one last snatch at loot or...
  10. Malo

    Yak Comp 28 - “Happy” Hour

    Oops! I hadn't turned on the permissions for that addon apparently. I've set it hidden now. Thanks!
  11. Malo

    Suggestion Underhive Tool - Kill statistic

    It's called "Kill" mainly because it's a nice short word that indicates what it's for. "OOA injuries caused" isn't very short for a stats table, and I can't simply call it "OOA". Is it accurate as far as Necromunda is concerned? Not really, but it's close and is what's used for the new Dominion...
  12. Malo

    N18 Compendium YAQ (N18)

    Briefly going through Perils yesterday whilst @The Castle burned me some meats, one thing caught my attention as I was reading the Guild rules for their retinue gangs. It mentions that the sub-gang consists of 3-4 members. Each gang description lists the 3 types but it doesn't seem to indicate...
  13. Malo

    Update on my chemical mixing plant

    You want all 4 of your terrain threads merged into one? Is that correct? Also note that you can always Report your own post with a request and it will go into a moderation queue for any staff to attend. The Report function doesn't always have to be for Bad Things :)
  14. Malo

    Update on my chemical mixing plant

    Thunderbolts & lightning I HAVE ARRIVED
  15. Malo

    Suggestion Weapon Accuracy stats - prefix '+'

    I'll try it out but as cardyfreak mentioned, it's kinda redundant. I already reduced the font and I don't have very good eyesight, not sure reducing it more is a good idea for poor souls like myself ;) Is there a need to download the HTML if you can use inspect to change the style directly in...
  16. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    There is currently no editing of events sorry.
  17. Malo

    Suggestion Weapon Accuracy stats - prefix '+'

    I'm trying to keep the amount of character in a weapon stat row to a minimum as there's already not enough room for weapons with many traits. I'd prefer not to add even these inch characters. I forgot to add the rest of the descriptions during the upgrade :oops: Equipment association for Hired...
  18. Malo

    Question Validation Failed - Trying to Invite Player's Gangs/Also Friend Players

    Where exactly are you getting this message? What action are you trying to take? I just tried searching for a gang and sending an invite and it worked for me. The old Friends system is no longer available. This was replaced by the new Guilds/Roster system. Someone in your gaming group creates a...
  19. Malo

    Question Phone [Safari] no longer staying logged in [solved]

    There are issues with IOS/Safari and XenForo but nothing to do with staying logged in as far as I know. The only known problem is to do with Push Notifications and Apple's propensity to not play nice with anything that Apple didn't "create" themselves. I'm not aware of any known issues with...
  20. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    You don't see a delete button on those events? Everyone in your campaign is a campaign admin.