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  1. Malo

    Update Yak forum updates discussion

    Please asking any questions, provide feedback or threaten me bodily harm here for changes to the site and forums. For feedback on the Underhive Tools updates, please post in the tools development thread. YakTribe Forum Upgrade The last few days I've been updating the forums to the latest...
  2. Malo

    Update YakTribe downtime May 13-15th 2019

    On May 13th I'll be taking down YakTribe for significant updates. Due to the amount of work I'll be doing on the forum systems, the downtime could extend to 2-3 days. I'm expecting the Underhive tools will be available after the 13th but the forums themselves will likely be down the entire time...
  3. Malo

    Suggestion Territory distribution for Dominion

    To help support campaigns in the tools, I thought it would be handy to handle territory randomization in the tools. I figure it would work like this: The players finalize the gangs in the campaign A Territory generation button is clicked in the campaign editor by the Admin Determines what...
  4. Malo

    N18 New Necromunda FAQ released

    This looks to contain a section detailing changes to some rules, traits etc. to bring the N17 rules to N18. WarHammer Community Post FAQ Download New FAQ 'Tribe Discussion here
  5. Malo

    N18 Necromunda 2018 and prefixes

    Do we want a new prefix to indicate discussions are regarding the new N18 Compendium version? This would separate previous discussions so at least gives an indication to people of it's relevance to the new version.
  6. Malo

    Necromunda Genestealer Cult Official

    Malo submitted a new resource: Genestealer Cult Official - Genestealer Cult gang rules for Necromunda: Underhive 2017 Read more about this resource...
  7. Malo

    LGT Necromunda 2018 Results

    Over the weekend of May 18th the first Necromunda event with the London Grand Tournament (LGT) was held. Arbitrated and managed on the days of the event by our own Tristan Hayward (@spafe), and presented by YakTribe, this marked our first Necromunda event outside of our community TribeMeet...
  8. Malo

    N17 Trading Post ammo item confusion

    I'm confused by the new Trading Post. Different types of ammo for Shotguns, Grenade Launcher etc... does each entry include the weapon or not? Different in some cases? There used to be an Ammo section, it's gone now. Shotgun has 3 separate entries, all for their own ammo with Shotgun itself...
  9. Malo

    YakTribe Discord chat added

    YakTribe Discord Chat aka YakChat! With the help of @Commissariat I have created a Discord server for YakTribe. Your first question might be why? We currently have a chat system in place on the site and it works well for basic chat, though many users don't even know it exists depending on the...
  10. Malo

    N17 Gang Stash, Loadouts & Rating

    How are people playing Stash and Loadouts specifically in relation to Gang Rating? According to Gang Rating definition, it is the total cost of all your fighters. By RAW, this doesn't include the stash, though it seems to be accepted that these items are in fact included and it currently how...
  11. Malo

    LGT Necromunda Tournament Event Pack Updated

    Great news! The tournament event pack for the Necromunda LGT event has been updated with full support for the new Necromunda 2017. It's taken awhile but all the rules are now in place for tournament gang creation, specific rules and scenarios for the event. Summary of changes: Background theme...
  12. Malo

    Register your gang for the campaign

    Welcome LGT participants! In order to make battle and gang tracking efficient for the tournament, the Arbitrators will be updating your gangs on the YakTribe Underhive tools here. All gangs in the tournament will need to be pre-registered in the tools under your own unique account (no multiple...
  13. Malo

    Hive Prolaginus Campaign

    Discussion thread for the Central PA Hive Prolaginus campaign. Our first foray into Necromunda 2017 turf wars. @Malo @The Castle @tuxkamen @Shawn Gangs Girls Gone Hive Techno Death Squad Sables Raiders
  14. Malo

    Necromunda game length poll

    How long are your N17 games running on average? Are you finding they're shorter or longer than the old average? Are there certain scenarios or even certain factors that can shorten a game prematurely? Does the bottle system work for keeping games going long enough or do you prefer shorter games...
  15. Malo

    Competition Yak Competition 22 - Bad Boys Bad Boys

    Yak Comp 22 - Bad Boys, Bad Boys Whatcha gonna do? It's villain competition time! Take one of your most nefarious evildoers and throw him into the Hive for some Necromunda treatment! Your entry should ideally encompass the original character but think about how he/she/it would exist within the...
  16. Malo

    Update Gallery usage corrected, new limits

    Following the migration to the new site and the new gallery system, apparently I did not rebuild the media caches. This resulted in all migrated images not being counted towards the new limits for users. That has been resolved today so some users may find they suddenly are unable to add more...
  17. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    This thread will be dedicated to updating the status of the new Underhive tools development. Members are free to add their suggestions for the new tools or assist with the development if possible to expedite things :) Necromunda: Underhive tools have now been released. Still To Come Hired Gun...
  18. Malo

    Necromunda Gangs of Legacy Printable

    Malo submitted a new resource: Orlocks, Delaque, Van Saar and Cawdor Gangs Printable - A cleaner printable version of the legacy gangs PDF download Read more about this resource...
  19. Malo

    General Necromunda 2017 Discussion

    General rants, images, news and your progress with the new Necromunda 2017 that doesn't have it's own thread in the specific forums. How goes the clipping and gluing? :) Previous 200+ page thread
  20. Malo

    N17 Necromunda 2017 FAQ

    This will be a work-in-progress collating various questions & answers to clarify the inevitable vagaries of rules in Neomunda. Though replying will be open, eventually replies will be purged to keep this thread focused and promote discussion of rules elsewhere. Entries will also find their way...