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    Battletech. Show us your mechs!

    I don't? :ROFLMAO: But where's the fun in that? But seriously: I love playing games first and assembling/customizing minis and terrain second. Painting stuff comes at a far-off third place. However, I do have a painted Timber Wolf from back in the 90s. So at least one Mech is painted. :cool:
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    Battletech. Show us your mechs!

    So far, I have not painted my Mechs. In "field gray", they can serve as any unit I need. :LOL: But having painted minis hit the table would certainly look much better. It's just that I'm a very slow painter and I literally have hundreds of unpainted minis for various games on the shelf, so...
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    Bits of War or TTCombat?

    I'll throw in War World Gaming's Industry of War terrain. Has that original Necromunda feel. :)
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    N18 Vehicle Collision Damage Strangeness

    Or grab a few of the new vehicles and use them with Gorkamorka. (That's what I want to do.)
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    Ever bought a pot/bottle of paint only to find you have no use for it?

    Plenty. And none. I'll use them eventually. :D
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    Show me what you got!

    Maybe not as interesting as some of the links others have posted, but here are my old Necromunda minis:
  7. Scavvies.jpg


  8. My classic Necromunda minis

    My classic Necromunda minis

  9. Escher.jpg


  10. Goliath.jpg


  11. Scum and Hired Guns.jpg

    Scum and Hired Guns.jpg

  12. Spyrer.jpg


  13. Wyrds.jpg