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  1. Kon-rad

    GCE Core Rules feedback and suggestions

    Been taking a read through and like what I see so far. The descriptions are a bit more straight forward. I did not see anything about getting on/off vehicles that have not used their Thrusters. On pg33 of the GoMoORB, it says, "Models can get on or off a vehicle before it uses its thrusters...
  2. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    Long time no krump. Have been sidetracked with other projects recently, but had a great little rumble the other day. Enjoy! We saw the Dinochicks, da 'Errrd, and the newly crashed and stranded on Angelis, Gorkamorkarines facing off and kicking sum kanz! da 'Errrd and the GMz trade Rokkit...
  3. Kon-rad

    Glorius Gork! Designing and building an Ork Fort.

    This is coming along just luverly. It is huge! The lower walled courtyard (kort'ard?) is about the same size as the original fort I think.
  4. Kon-rad

    Role playing Viking orks

    +1 for "Thork" Oh! Oh! Thork and Lorki! Thork is Zappy yet Kunnin'. Lork is Kunnin' yet Zappy! Waaaaghallaaaaaaa!
  5. Kon-rad

    Necromunda Wanderer's Plog of Goodness

    Those are absolutely perfect. Perhaps even "Mediocre!". Sorry if it's been asked and answered already, but what rules are you using?
  6. Kon-rad

    Necromunda Wanderer's Plog of Goodness

    What kits are those bikes from. Tamiya? 2nd the comment on the poses. Lots of zoom and screech and skid.
  7. Kon-rad

    Equipping Muties (Tactica)

    That's about how I equipped mine. Except I think I took Arbalasts just because they are cheaper and got grenades instead of the Fusil. Muties are very dicey. One early casualty (or worse Capture) and it's make a new mob time. You are right there. You really do have to play them as hit-and-run...
  8. Kon-rad

    Gorkamorka FAQ

    That's a good one. We always played it like the NCE and you get them back, but I suspect that is not covered. Quite often when there are little holes and oversights in the GoMo rules (as there were in the Necro ORB) we take a look at the NCE and see if there is a fix.
  9. Kon-rad

    Gorkamorka FAQ

    Ah, I forgot about me knuckles! That is true. But Sluggaz are still useful in hand to hand if you don't happen to get a Choppa. I usually get my Drivers a pistol right off, especially if they are a biker and save the Choppa for later, just to save teef. Did not realize it was just ONE weapon...
  10. Kon-rad

    Gorkamorka FAQ

    A choppa/pistol is cheap starting load-out for ladz with an up close and personal outlook on krumpin'. You can do a bit of shooting at the cost of 1pt of St on half your close combat attacks. For the truly dedicated hand to hand monsters, you can get the extra choppa later, or if the lad in...
  11. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Kon-rad's Gorkamorka

    Been sidetracked with Strange Aeons and sculpting a Blood Bowl fig for a buddy, but managed to finally get some paint on the latest girls. Pretty happy with the Kannonchick. The straps are blobby, and not real keen on how the gun turned out but I got the little details better than I have before...
  12. Biggrabbadon Rider2

    Biggrabbadon Rider2

  13. Biggrabbadon Rider

    Biggrabbadon Rider

  14. Kannonchick2


  15. Kannonchick


    Finally finished
  16. Kon-rad

    Tiny's Stuff - Necromunda, Gorkamorka, 40k etc.

    That is some truly inspired kit-bashing. I see bitz of everything from Chaos Marines to Gobbos to Flagellants in there, not to mention some nice sculpting. Great paint job to top it off. Three thumbs up! (I'm pretty sure some of those guys have at least 3 thumbs.)
  17. Kon-rad

    Necromunda Scratch building a character and need measurement help

    Have you seen any of the Tom Mason tutorials? Great stuff for us beginning sculptors. I am learning so much.
  18. Kon-rad

    The Duke's "Palace"

    Love the Trophies! Little details like that really make the game fun. And lovely, lovely armada going there. I detest all things Eldar, but got to admit they make pretty spaceships. Great paint job on those.
  19. Kon-rad

    Necromunda Jonbo's Necromunda Miscellany (p16 Enforcers Specialists)

    Love the "Praire Schooner" contraption. One of the things (maybe as an American) about Necro is that Wild West vibe there in the original.
  20. Kon-rad

    GorkaMorka Buggiez, Big Rigz, Skimaz, Flyaz and Legz 1.0

    Kon-rad updated Buggiez, Big Rigz, Skimaz, Flyaz and Legz 1.0 with a new update entry: Buggiez, Big Rigz, Skimaz, Flyaz and Legz 1.1 Read the rest of this update entry...