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  1. The Castle

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    @Malo I don't know, what were you talking about here?
  2. The Castle

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    what's in DU that's not in my book of ruin, @Malo
  3. The Castle

    Bug Cannot edit Gang members/buy weapons

    @Malo says anyone that can should do a ctrl+shift+r for users on pc. looks like it's not loading font awesome. clear your cache. also, if you could say what browser you're using that might help move things @cardyfreak did above. when he gets home he'll have a look at it.
  4. The Castle

    Wild West Exodos

    I have not. I don't have any of the dogs. I have some vacation time on the horizon. Maybe I'll take a day to glue up some of the character models.
  5. The Castle

    Wild West Exodos

    I would actually need to glue some together, but I have a whole bunch from this game.
  6. The Castle

    GSC familiar

    Would work well for an assist in melee. Adepts seem to be geared for melee even if their stats don't imply as such.
  7. Mad dog

    Mad dog

    Orlock leader
  8. The Castle

    Reporting battles to the Arbitrator

    Currently, N17 battle reporting/campaign management is under development in @Malo 's secret underground bunker.
  9. The Castle

    Bug N17 system counts ‘free’ advances as paid ones

    Not if the example was written after the rule by a different writer. One guy writes the rule, second guy misinterpreted, writes an example per his understanding.
  10. Van Saar

    Van Saar

    Old school metal
  11. The Castle

    Hive Prolaginus Campaign

    Techno Death Squad ready to be added.
  12. The Castle

    Thinking of taking the plunge - Skaven

    Yes...yes we are. I agree with Thorgor about the video game. I think we played a game or two of the newest edition and then I bought the game on Steam. It really helped clear a few things we had done wrong, never having played it before. The AI in the second one has either been fixed or...
  13. The Castle

    General Necromunda 2017 Discussion

  14. The Castle

    The Real You!

    Ok, now you've just ruined the mystique. I always imagined people in the northern reaches riding moose before they could drive. Color me surprised.
  15. The Castle

    Comment by 'The Castle' in media 'Nyxx Assassin'

    What model is this?
  16. The Castle

    How did they paint these bases?

    I know what you're saying, but once the brown wash is heavy enough, it'll kill most of the luster from the metallic paint.
  17. The Castle

    How did they paint these bases?

    I just reread your question, @Blood Donor. Ryza Rust is more of a dry paint. You'd have to doctor it up more than just using the layer paint and water.
  18. The Castle

    How did they paint these bases?

    Depends. Blood for the blood god is great. I like the texture paints for easy mode bases. I haven't used Ryza Rust, Typhus Corrosion, or the one that looks like snot. 'Ardcoat goes on thick but it dries very shiny as advertised. The gem paints take a little practice but can get good results...
  19. The Castle

    How did they paint these bases?

    Looks like the same thing they did in the video without the drybrushing. Base coat silver metallic, heavy Agrax wash, water down Trollslayer Orange (or whatever it's analog in the brand you prefer), put that down as you'd like.
  20. The Castle

    Necromunda 2017 FAQ

    Anyone notice their boards warping a little? Could it be due to the cold basement?