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  1. thanejaw

    N18 Corpse Grinder Cults and Grenades

    Can I give my Butcher, Cutters or Skinners Grenades? They're technically Wargear right?
  2. thanejaw

    N18 Venators in Uprising Campaign - House Weapons List is the Trading Post - Unbalanced?

    hey there - I'm planning the next campaign at the club and trying to pre-empt gaminess - we'll be doing a Dark Uprising campaign which is grand. My one concern is that a few people want to play Venators - which is fine - however their HWL is the Trading post - which no one else gets access to...
  3. thanejaw

    N18 Allies - Capturing, Bounties and Testing the Alliance with Rackets

    Hey there - once again trying to get a consensus on something that hasn't turned up yet in our campaign - but I'm sure it will (and is also a result of GW in their wisdom, not wanting to put points rating on allies) - so trying to get ahead of the curve. I'm probably going to go down the route...
  4. thanejaw

    N18 Automatic Alliances with Guilds and rackets

    Certain Rackets create automatic alliances with Guilds. You can only have an alliance with one Guild - however you can control multiple Rackets. Can a Gang own multiple Guild Bond Rackets? If so - how do you deal with alliances? My gut and considered feel is that no, you can only have 1...
  5. thanejaw

    N18 Hired Guns / Allies: Gang Composition and Point Costs

    Hey there - running a campaign in London and it's due to start tonight and I wanna talk through a few things (as I understand it) and see if you guys have thoughts: Allies vs. Hired Guns Point Costs Allies work groups currently don't have a points cost associated with them - Hired Guns...
  6. thanejaw

    N18 Do models block line of sight?

    One thought that's occurred to me - do model's provide cover for one another? In Zone Mortalis - if another model (regardless of friendly or enemy blocks the invisible line from the attacker to the target, does that then count as soft/ hard cover (as appropriate) In Sector Mechanicus - again -...
  7. thanejaw

    Necromunda Unable to clone gang

    Hey there - I'm unable to clone my gang for some reason in N17 Any ideas why? It's only this specific one - the others I'm able to clone fine. thanks and thanks for creating this amazing tool
  8. thanejaw

    Next Purchase from Trading Post- what should I buy next?

    howdy, running slightly flush after my last game and looking to invest in either my Leader or Champion -looking for a sounding board from you guys. Current Set Up and trip to Trading Post I have 60 credits and 1 rare trade @ rarity 9. I already have a Rogue Doc, so can’t recruit another...
  9. thanejaw

    Knockback attacks stack?

    Ok - I charge into close combat with a Goliath with a single Spud Jacker (1 base attack, +1 for charging). I successfully hit the same target with 2 attacks, beating their strength, landing 2 attacks with Knockback. Does this then: a) stack (e.g. I knock them back twice - assuming space allows...
  10. thanejaw

    Can you shoot through bulkheads?

    hey there- so... if you’re behind cover, we’ve ruled it that if you look over cover, you can ignore it for the purposes of line of sight. I believe the old necromunda had it so you could ignore cover within 1inch. So... using original necromunda terrain, but using N17 rules - does this still...