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  1. The Castle

    Thoughts on the free rules movement?

    So Outlaw Miniatures has decided to put the rules to Wild West Exodus up for free on their website. It looks like that's the way the industry is leaning. GW, Privateer Press, and a bunch of smaller companies are doing the same. Is this a good thing for the hobby in general?
  2. The Castle

    I think I need a challenge

    So here my painting area sits idle. I was kicking around the idea of churning out 100 models. Not all of them will be Necromunda, Mordheim, or Gorka Morka (I only have 2 box sets of Van Saars). Anyone care to give me a decent time frame for this? I was thinking of a start date of 2 February...
  3. The Castle

    Happy birthday Malo!

    The old man is 41 today. Be careful not to surprise him, he may break a hip or something.
  4. The Castle

    Happy New Year

    Some of you are already there and some of us are getting there. Make the next year better than the previous. Cheers. (for those that are already into the new year, don't tell us what happens...we hate spoilers.)
  5. The Castle

    A little humor to start your day.

    Young Redemptionist at summer camp
  6. The Castle

    Bug Missed advancements during post battle sequence.

    you weren't the only one that had a couple advances missed tonight, @Malo. Comadreja and Tunnel Rat are missing some advances. i know you're already well aware of the issue. just thought i would assure you that the problem aren't isolated to just your gang.
  7. The Castle

    Diablo 3 fun and stuff.

    Since @Malo and i have been hitting Diablo 3 pretty hard recently, i decided to create a yak tribe gaming clan. it's only within D3 and so far it's only really 3 members, but consider this an open invite. send me a pm or smoke signal or something if interested.
  8. The Castle

    Help a guy out.

    since i have been putting things in boxes for the last two weeks at work, it give me time to think about all manner of subjects. it was during this that i remembered that i have a boat load of old heroscape terrain sitting in a pair of boxes in my closet. i'm looking at thoughts on how to...
  9. The Castle

    Necromunda Terrain Scans

    The Castle submitted a new resource: Terrain Scans - Scan of Original and Outlanders cardboard terrain with instructions. Read more about this resource...
  10. The Castle

    This should be a long thread.

    Happy 40th Birthday, Malo! everyone else, feel free to make him feel old before he locks the thread and/or murders me. :D
  11. The Castle


    i saw this and thought of the biggest enemy in most of our games. check the stats page.
  12. The Castle

    Not really necro but...

    DAYUM! in case you're wondering, for our Kiwi bretheren it's only 6k more. don't know why you complain. :D
  13. The Castle

    have you ever had one of those times.

    was just sitting here working on a non-necro model (shhh) and as i'm painting a part that intimidated me a little, it starts to turn out exactly as i'd imagined. now i am not a great painter. i may use GW's pots-full-of-talent a little to the extreme. (read: gw's washes are my bread and butter.)...
  14. The Castle

    MOVED: The "Bargains on Ebay" thread

    This topic has been moved to The Trading Post. [url][/url
  15. The Castle

    international tabletop day

    i've been reading about this for the last month and here it is coming up this saturday. anyone have plans to nerd out?
  16. The Castle

    Life before the gang.

    Malo and I were just discussing a character I'm creating for his upcoming Dark Heresy campaign. I am basing it off of my favorite ganger so far. He asked me what that ganger did before he joined a gang. That got me to thinking if anyone else has given this any thought. So let's hear it...what...
  17. The Castle

    Bug historic battles of the hive.

    i was trying to look into some old battle stuff, but i can't get to it. went to look up my past go. looked for our old campaign's battles and they aren't showing. am i to assume that "closed" campaigns are no longer available for viewing? i was hoping to flesh out my dark heresy...
  18. The Castle

    Painting's biggest secrets revealed.

    Watch this and be amazed. bet you didn't think it could be this easy.
  19. The Castle

    Happy Yaksgiving

    as my favorite holiday draws near, i'd like to wish you all a safe thanksgiving. may you all fall comfortably into a food coma.
  20. The Castle

    Bug uh, malo?

    me thinks something in your intarwebz went wonky.