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    Ambush Mission clarification

    Confused about the post battle Ambush Reputation section. Page 59 Gangwar says (campaign) " Reputation: If more attackers escaped than went out of action, the defenders gain 2 rep. If more attackers went out of action than escaped, the attackers gain 1 rep. " I mean this is just all wrong...
  2. Ferrous Mining Guild

    Ferrous Mining Guild

    House of Iron
  3. Orlock Juve checks in at the Docs

    Orlock Juve checks in at the Docs

    old plastic Orlock conversion, now a Juve.
  4. Doc's Lab

    Doc's Lab

    the Doc's lab.
  5. tools


    riggers tools.
  6. compliance


    the Doc has no choice but to work for the Orlocks now.
  7. gunpoint


    The Doc is kidnapped by the Ferrous Mining Guild of House Orlock.
  8. Capture the Doc

    Capture the Doc

    The Doc sold out a gang and ripped off another. After Copper died because the Doc charged 110 credits to save him, the Orlocks returned with a plan to kidnap him.
  9. Bridges


    Which way will the Escher flee?
  10. Highways


    Via Necromundi is a dangerous route that cuts through FerroHive.
  11. axe


    Renderizer Goliath
  12. ambushers


    Goliath ambushers from the Goon Kings gang.
  13. Ambushed!


    The Escher Hauler hit a booby trap and the ambush began!!!
  14. settlement


    a gang safehouse at the stettlement.
  15. Looters


    On the guard against looters.
  16. Slime Bridge

    Slime Bridge

    Don't fall!
  17. Scum


    henchmen to do the dirty work.
  18. Blondie


    A man without a name, referred to as Blondie. He is a well respected Bounty Hunter in the FerroHive.
  19. Bounty Hunter and Scum

    Bounty Hunter and Scum

    old metal OOP Bounty Hunter and Scum
  20. Gor Half Horn

    Gor Half Horn

    Beastman Bounty Hunter sighting