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  1. Deathwing1983

    N18 Questioning the viability of Enforcer/Badzone Enforcer Pets and brutes

    Avoid in starting gang. Later on a pet is useful if your fighter seriously injured someone nearby with his bolter, the pet can charge in to KO. Pets are even more useful in campaigns that cap your fighter limit as they allow each fighter to take 2-3 extra models over the limit (as pets are...
  2. Deathwing1983

    N18 N23 grenades discussion (have they destroyed grenades?)

    Van Saar will be 3+ to hit in many cases with grenades now, doesn't seem so bad! Grenades? I mean with multi meltas... Why would we take grenades...
  3. Deathwing1983

    N18 N23 grenades discussion (have they destroyed grenades?)

    Re CGs it's just a Willpower roll to shoot them, which you will make half the time, and if you charge them (eg if you are Goliath) they are glass melee cannons.
  4. Deathwing1983

    N18 Van Saar vs Corpse Grinders, what to do as VS?

    Upgrading Willpower is usually a waste. Just spam Fast Shot plasma cannons. Multi meltas, grenade launchers and other template weapons also ignore the masks (by targeting ground nearby). Unless there are walls/cover everywhere, Corpse Grinders do not stand much of a chance Vs van saar
  5. Deathwing1983

    N18 How would you "fix" Van Saar?

    As a Van Saar player I definitely don't plasma gun spam. We have multi meltas... :) (Note: always take a flamer or template weapon to deal with infiltrators, Falsehoods and the rare melee peep that manages to make it through the wall of gunfire. Someone said Van Saar need close combat...
  6. Deathwing1983

    N18 How would you "fix" Van Saar?

    Why Blast when you can Fast Shot and fire that 2+ to hit lascannon twice! :P
  7. Deathwing1983

    N18 How would you "fix" Van Saar?

    As a Van Saar player I believe all Van Saar should start with free lascannons and multi meltas :)
  8. Deathwing1983

    Necromunda Unfinished Converted Corpse Grinder Cult for Sale

    Are you in the UK? How much are you selling them for? Pictures would be helpful
  9. Deathwing1983

    N18 Simplifying how the tactic cards work

    I do the same as Gdolkin
  10. Deathwing1983

    N18 Gambling Den - Delaque nerf

    Seems good. We just roll a random gang member rather than let the Delaque player choose one
  11. Deathwing1983

    N18 How does Blaze condition play out?

    They can voluntarily prone to get the bonus to put fire out. However, can they voluntarily prone if they are engaged in melee?
  12. Deathwing1983

    N18 Ash Wastes Questions

    In our group, one of the members has devised this means of play with Helamites: 1. Storm callers reduce visibility to 6" meaning you cannot target outside 6" 2. Helamite 10" away rides 8" towards a model, uses their Versatile weapon as a ride by attack without any reaction from the victim 3...
  13. Deathwing1983

    Necromunda Clearance - Proxy metal gangs and miniatures

    The other models I bought from you were awesome. I like your custom green stuff work :)
  14. Deathwing1983

    N18 How is the edge of the board treated in Zone Mortalis games?

    Rules do not say either way. We treat it as out of action. Monsters in the dark etc grab stray Gangers who venture too far...
  15. Deathwing1983

    Load of necromunda for sale (minis, books, cards, dice)

    Will give ya £30 for it :)
  16. Deathwing1983

    N18 House of Iron (General discussion)

    I could be wrong but I believe a 'natural 1' is intended to be literally a 1 on the D6, not a 1-2 even if it is representing a D3.
  17. Deathwing1983

    Necromunda Clearance - Van Saar and stuff

    Alright, I'll buy it. Would be postage to UK.
  18. Deathwing1983

    Necromunda Clearance - Van Saar and stuff

    What are the plastic bits in a box, and the non-van Saar models?
  19. Deathwing1983

    N18 Ash Wastes, Vehicles/Bikes, and Dominon/Zone Mortalis

    Necromunda has just invented the wheel!